Sunday 17 July 2011

The Road To TV Dinners

You know I'm bored if I'm writing about food . I have no time for TV Celebrity Chefs bar Heston Blumenthal . But I tend to make stuff from tins , and fresh / wrapped product . There's no TV dinners in the fridge as basically they taste rubbish and are full of anything but food.

Hate buying fresh stuff from supermmarkets as they bully farmers into accepting low prices and penalise farmers if stuff doesnt sell. I use the Grainger Market in Newcastle when I can and small local shops , which Tesco and Sainsburys are doing their best to extinguish with the influx of Tesco Extra , Tesco Express and Sainsbury Local shops. Hell there's even one in Central Station in Newcastle.

 I detest when you see a street that consists of a Greggs , Subway , Tesco , Sainsburys  , that is such a downer .

Anyway the point of this was that I was using a supermarket yesterday (Morrisons) and was gonna get some cheese to grate . 400g of  cheese was £2.15 , but 2 x 200g  of grated Cheese was only £2. So I bought the ready grated stuff. How long before I buty a ready meal ??

Having said that I still dont have a microwave!!

Sunday 3 July 2011

Three Score years And Ten

Not long ago that was a man's expiry date on this earth , with ladies getting a few years more. It doesn't seem two minutes since I was watchi Roger Daltrey sing "I hope I die before I get old" on Top of The Pops , I was about seven at the time a tenth of the way there!!. Also remember at that time think how old my uncle was when he started his first job at sixteen!!!

I think Datltrey's sentiment still applies , but the context has altered subtly. There's nothing we can do about physical ageing , but we should look after ourself and keep aftive and stimulated , so we can effectively stay younger longer. I know people in their nineties who live full and active lives , and I see people in their teens who have reach "old" decades before they should have.

This week Buddy Holly would have been 75 , Paul Simon at 70 is touring his new album , Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones and what's left of the Who are still performing , the Stones to ever increasing crowds in places like Rio De Janeiro.

Eventually we've all got to go , but we can have a hell of a time while we're here , and it doesnt matter what Richard Dawkins or the Pope tell you there no one on this Earth knows what happens when we shuffle of this mortal coil . So enjoy the party while you can , it can be fun!!