Saturday 30 January 2010

Wexford - Some Good Bits

Just back from a week in Dublin , and took a day trip out to Wexford. Didnt know what to expect but generally Wexford has some excellent places to go.

Trie a pub which may have been called The Undertakers , and Maggie Mays , both of which had good atmosphere, drink and service.

Sampled a couple of restaurants , the excellent italian "La Dolce Vita" which had brilliant food and atmosphere . Also the excellent "Jacques" at Green Acres (website here) which again had excellent food , and atmosphere.

The day was made by finding a branch of BPM Records (website here) from which I purchased a couple of "Tighten Up" compilations at a bargain €10!!!

Saturday 9 January 2010

Spirit of 1963

Nine days in to 2010 and we're still well and truly snowbound. I've not been into work this year , having the privelege of being able to work from home, but not everyone is so lucky. However it's only snow and public transport is still functioning fairly well , and Shalimar managed to deliver my pizza order last night without any problem!!

Preston managed to sack Alan Irvine (who walked straight into the Sheffield Wednesday job , really glad for him) and we now have young Darren Ferguson at the helm , which bodes for interesting times to say the least. Unfortunately most of this weekends fixtures have been wiped out by the now , so Ferguson's first home match will be at home to Chelsea on the 23rd of January!! Still at least Drogba and Kalou are in Africa!