Sunday 15 March 2009

First Mow Of The Year

Today , well yesterday , was the first mow of the year and lawn doesnt look too bad.

We also repotted a Bay Tree that we got for Christmas , which looks very nice on the decking.

And the Silent Roar / Sonic Gun combination (see here)seems to be keeping the garden cat poo free.

Friday 13 March 2009

Spinal Tap Live Down My Street!!

Walking back from the hospital the other day and I spotted this front garden decoration:

I wonder if Spinal Tap live there? Further round the corner there's some shops , and with the so called credit crunch another one has gone west (the sign reads Winterschla, but it took me ages to recall what the shop was, a "Mr Q" discout drink shop. Previously it had been the just as badly named "The Local" and prior that I think it was a "Threshers". Glad to see that the ridiculously specialist "Tent Awning Clinic" can outlast a cheap booze emporium!!!

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Waiting For Pudot .. and there's more

Tried another Gourmet Society restaurant , Starters and Puds , next to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle and they've come up with a novel concept to get you back fairly quickly. Have your starter , go and see your play , then come pack for your pudding!!! Our next theatre appointment is "Waiting For Godot" featuring Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen , so we'll see what happens!!!

On another note a friend pointed out Camp Karma in Yorkshire , which led to discover the extremely interesting looking "La Rosa" hotel in Whitby , which is definitely on my list!!

Sunday 8 March 2009

Buying Lion Pooh From Dobbies and Laser Guided Sonic Cat Guns From Wilkinsons!!!

Just been out for the first Garden Centre excursion of the year and spent a fortune on stuff.

We have a problem with cats in out garden , but apparently the best repellent is stuff called "Silent Roar" which is basically fertiliser coated in Lion Pooh . The premise is that if the cat thinks there's a bigger , harder specimen about then it'll leave your garden undisturbed.

Well I've scattered the stuff about so we'll see what happens!!!

Within three hours the cat had abandoned the borders where lion pooh was , and decided to use the lawn in the middle as it's toilet!!! Are these animals stupid? If you think there's a big cat about you don't move another six feet to do your business. Will do the lawn as well and see what happens then.

Go Cat
Today I put some cat rellent on the lawn and got a "Mega Sonic Cat Scatter Gun" from Wilkinsons. Today two cats have been in the garden
and were there about ten seconds . Things may be working!!!

Friday 6 March 2009

Easy To Make A Mistake Jet

Yesterday I was flying to Bristol with Easyjet. Not much can go wrong. As I buckled up my belt I thought I'd mis heard the destination "Belfast" metioned over the intercom. I queried this with the guy in front:

"Is this flight for Belfast mate?"

"I bloody hope so" came the reply.

I'd had my ticket clearly marked with Bristol checked by several members of staff but still managed to get on the wrong flight. Luckily the Bristol flight was delayed so I didn't miss out on the day's entertainment.

The lesson to be learned if you buy a very cheap ticket you could get a very expensive flight to a destination that starts with the same letter (New York instead of Newcastle anybody?).

To quote John Scott , "Primark with wings".

General Fiasco - The Best Pop Band From Northern Ireland Since Ash or even The Undertones?

Three gigs in seven daysis a lot for me in recent times , but this was another stunning one , so I've been well rewarded for staying out late!! I first saw General Fiasco sandwiched between The Plan For Tonight and Fighting With Wire at the Cluney , but this was my first view of them as headliners.

Support was The Farrels and the excellent 3 Foot Ninja who finished their set with a storming version of "Firestarter" , well worth seeing.

But back to General Fiasco, the thing that amazed me was that every song was instantly listenable. A visit to their myspace page confirmed that and last nights gig emphasised it in spades with a blistering ne opener as well as "old" favourites such as "Ever So Shy" and "Something Sometime" , the new single, which you can get from itunes here . They've recently signed with B-Unique so we should be getting an album by June or July, but as yet we're still waiting, but "Rebel Get By" (on itunes here) and "Something Sometime" are available.

The new single "Something Sometime":

Official Video for "Rebel Get By":


Sunday 1 March 2009

The Grand Piano Never Stood A Chance!!!

Just back from a great weekend in London , the highlight of which was a visit to the legendary 100 Club to see a guy called Ben Waters , apparently well liked by Jools Holland. The guy is simply phenomenal , with a backing band of bass , drums and saxophone(s) the guty played incredible piano destroying , boogie woogie that I've not been aware of since the Killer himself. Aknowledging debts to the likes of Amos Milburn , Waters is simply a must see if you ever get the chance. Below is him doing various types of keyboard annihalation:

And here's the hilarious East German version of Johnny B Goode!!!

And Broken Piano Blues!!!

And the fabulous "Melting Pot"

Ben Waters on Myspace here

Ben Waters Website here