Sunday 30 June 2013

This Is The End ... Beautiful Friend

Today is Slacktonbury at The Schooner with Strange Bruise and Slack Babbath , so looking forward to that and the sun is shining too.

Well it's the last day of June and the final day of my June's Tunes blog project . The obvious song to finish with would be "The End" by The Doors , a great song , but then Chuck Berry's "30 Days" popped into my head so decided to go with that. I've put together a Grooveshark playlist so you can listen to all the songs in one place if you are that way inclined , but it will clock in at around two hours. Maybe I should have been a DJ! Anyway here's the playlist:

June's Tunes 2014 by Mike Singleton on Grooveshark
And here's Chuck Berry's 30 Days:

Saturday 29 June 2013

Iberian Penultimate

Sarah's Cake
Well this weekend has had a vaguely Iberian feel. First of all a good friends surprise birthday with lots of champagne , cake , wine and lots of to die for tapas started the weekend off. Then today I wandered into town to see the Vamos takeover of the  High Bridge Quarter. There was some great music , notably Brassy B with the salsa ska skewed crossover and amazing food.

However despite there being an amazing array of food available there were still people with McDonald's bags down there. The Vamos festival goes on for a month and there are some amazing events , and I am so pleased to have been there today.

The music music chose itself for June's Tunes , Mink DeVille's "Spanish Stroll:

Friday 28 June 2013

Fast Connection

This weekend is one of those where you realise you actually have no time to yourself , and it starts here so at 6:30 switched on the PC and ..... no internet connection. Went through all diagnostics to no avail , so resorted to the Virgin helpline , finally got through the torturous IVR to a technical person , at which point the thing magically connected. Wonderful. So an appropriate June's Tune , "Rings Around The World" by the totally fabulous Super Furry Animals:

Thursday 27 June 2013

Time Signatures and The Classical Popular Crossover

Well there's a mouthful , and it's sort of as a result of a chat today that for some reason wandered on to time signatures in music , originating from the fact that all formalised dance is done in 8 bars. I said that nearly every pop song is in 4/4 time , notable exceptions being Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit in Waltz time which is 3/4 , Peter Gabriel's Solsbury Hill which is in 9/8 time , Dave Brubeck's Take 5 which is in 5/4 time and Unsquare Dance which in god knows what time.

Anyway that got me on to Malcolm McLaren who had some mad ideas such as his Opera / Hip Hop album Fans and the mad collaboration with Bootsy Collins and Jeff Beck taking on Strauss Waltzes resulting in the impossibly awesome House of The Blue Danube , which should not possibly work but it does:

Oh and here's the whole of the Fans album - pure brilliance:

Wednesday 26 June 2013


Waking up at 2AM is not good when you have a 5AM start. Last night I had a bad (for me) 2.6 Hypo and felt awful but went to sleep listening to the Oysterband and Billy Bragg. Anyway today I will be going down down to London and for the June's tunes I'm choosing The Oysterband covering New Order's Love Vigilantes and favourite of mine by two of my favourite bands!:

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Woke Up This Mornin'

I'm really tired , but have been posted songs relating to the day or what happened on that day . A friend of mine had lost her Alabama 3 CD which she wanted on her iPod , and I'm still in shock from the death of Jame's Gandolfini , so there can only be one song to day , and it is :

Monday 24 June 2013

Joe Strummer and Vamos in High Bridge

Just a quick post , as well as the events at The Schooner this coming weekend Vamos is taking over High Bridge. This will mean lot's of street food , salsa music and fun . So this weekend is going to be packed with events Friday , Saturday and Sunday. I suggest to get into Newcastle for the Vamos stuff and so I need to think of something salsa flavoured for today's June's Tune . Then I realised that it's post number 101 so , instead I'll go for "Keys To Your Heart" by the 101ers , what else could I have.

I remember getting the original Chiswick single , the Joe Strummer left and joined the Clash !!

Sunday 23 June 2013

Glastonbury .... It's Just a Tesco and Wal-Mart of Music ... but we have The Mighty Slack Babbath To Save Us

Before I start my rant about this , I first must congratulate Michael Eavis on his vision , borrowing £5000 in 1972 to fund the initial festival I believe opened by Marc Bolan doing an acoustic set. These are the sort of people we need and I am so glad that he has been successful probably beyond his wildest dreams as Glastonbury. I read somewhere that there are 2,000 acts on over the five day festival this year , I thought I'd check and looking at the line up page here that could be right. I'm not counting. Tickets this year are around £205 , not sure if that includes a spot for your tent but say you see five acts each day then that's less that £10 a concert (remember what The Rolling Stones charged at the O2). There's a download of the original festival here which gives a feel for what it was once like.

So back to the rant, Glastonbury has just become like a supermarket, lots of products to satisfy every taste , but make sure you keep to the designated areas , have your clubcard on hand , make sure to you conform to the requirements of the supermarket. Their marketing is so good that people happily give up lots of personal information just to enter the lottery to get a ticket. Even twenty years ago people went to Glastonbury to see a particular group of acts , now people go to Glastonbury because it's Glastonbury. While this is not my scene (I actually like music) , it is a huge number of people's idea of heaven. Michael Eavis could have sold another half a million tickets for this year's festival. That's £100 million pounds more he could have made , more than the GDP of some countries.

So if you are going enjoy the music , enjoy your time there , I'll be frequent some much smaller events sch as "Slacktonbury" featuring Strange Bruise and the mighty Slack Babbath and their lead singer Ozzy Ouseburn at The Schooner on the 29th June.

Anyway the June's Tunes choice is possibly my favourite Glastonbury song "Glastonbury Revisited" by The Cosmic Rough Riders  from their brilliant album "Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine":

"Where have all the angels gone,
Now that all the acid's done .....
We made love under the sun....... "

Those days are long gone

Oh and just realised this was my 100th post this year , a friend had to point this out !!

Saturday 22 June 2013

Music For Glaciers

I've been trying to maintain a post a day in June by posting a piece of music vaguely relevant to the day or something that's happened . There's obvious ones about June and the number of the day and what happened on this day , but I've tried to keep the music eclectic and maybe end it with a full Grooveshark playlist of all the June's Tunes.

Glad to see the weather is keeping up , raining at night and sunny during the day , so managed to mow my lawn today and fill the brown bin with lots of garden detritus.

Anyway was talking with a friend who had never heard of Sigur Ros , they were interested when I described it as Music for Glaciers . They are Icelandic , and make up their words so it doesn't sound like an auspicious start , but they are one of the most amazing bands you will ever here. So because of that conversation today's June's Tune is Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros with images from BBCs Planet Earth:

Friday 21 June 2013

Summer Solstice

Well the longest day is here and light is fading , celebrations are taking place and I was struck by a pause for thought I heard today on BBC Radio 2. The guy said that rather than celebrating the longest day and  midsummer and the light , lots of people see it as the return of darkness and it's all downhill from here.

There are many ways to view things and when the weather is good certain people seem to focus on the fact it will soon be raining. Celebrate the moment , and remember when it rains you don't have to water your gardens. Usually the positives to take from every situation but it's not always clear what the positives are. Anyway the guy talked about shining the light and I'm going to choose this video I did of "Illuminating Hadrian's Wall" soundtracked by my daughter Juliet's favourite band Ash playing "Shining Light":

Thursday 20 June 2013

Almost Midsummer .... Next

There's be druids about , and celebrations at Stonehenge, and it's still hot but looking like rain. My cough is still here so off to docs tomorrow in the home they can suggest something. Just listening to some very old Alex Harvey stuff and very impressive it is , apparently he won a competition to be Scotland's very own Tommy Steele .... a very mixed blessing though Rock With The Caveman was all right.

Anyway there isnt that much footage of Alex live despite being one of the greatest live acts of their time. This is the band that opened at Donington with a cover of The Osmond's Crazy Horses , very daring at the time. Anyway this seems an appropriate song for the June's Tunes as I keep looking for the next song.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Lord Rochester Gets His Skates on

Nineteen days in and I had a great idea for todays post because of something that happened and now it's gone. I'm not going to have anything from Adele's "19" or Paul Hardcastle's "19" though. The summer is still here despite doom mongers forecasting rain , but it still looks extremely sunny to me.

Tonight I was waiting for a train at Darlington and was just shocked how people would rather cram themselves into a hot , airless carriage on an effectively four carriage train than wait ten minutes and travel in comfort. You find the same with drivers who have to overtake the car in front to save a few seconds on their journey. Impatience is not a virtue and just makes your life experience worse.

Sometimes a little waiting and chilling makes life so much more palatable. Well I'm going to The Schooner tonight where I saw the excellent Lord Rochester and as Rochester has just gone superfase the EE's 4G I think we'll have "Hey Bo Diddley" which is taken at speed:

Tuesday 18 June 2013


More than halfway through June (it's already the 18th), and the Summer Solstice draws near . Than immediately makes me think of "Ring Out Solstice Bells" by Jethro Tull , which is essentially a winter song so I will stick with my original June's Tune, which is just based on the day and is going to be "18" by Alice Cooper. Although Alice Cooper surpassed this many times , it's still a great song , the American equivalent of The Who's My Generation:

Oh and it's still far, far too hot

Monday 17 June 2013

Classical Gas

Back to work today and still coughing like hell. Tonight we had a lovely sunset though and the weather is still great , though most of the public will forget about it when it next rains.

Anyway I put on an album of obscureish seventies rock instrumental and the first song on is Joy by Apollo 100, a modern take on one of my favourite Bach pieces "Jesu Joy of Man's Desire". I'm not particularly God fearing or religious but sometimes enjoy classical massacres (see Emerson Lake and Palmer) and this is not too bad barring the "tasteful" guitar bits. Anyway today's June's Tune is here:

Sunday 16 June 2013

Dr Feelgood and First Woman In Space

Well it's that last day before I go back to work and I still sound like a consumptive despite the drugs and medicines  and rest that I've taken this week. Sometimes things like this are just awkward. It's Father's Day and I'm listening to excellent Dr Feelgood compilation All Through The City. One of my favourite Wilko Johnson compositions is "Paradise" which I thought was premiered on the first Solid Senders album. It's out it actually appeared on Wilko's last Feelgood's album Sneakin' Suspicion. I never knew that , god knows how I missed it. Anyway that has to be the June's Tune for today.

Also on this day in 1963,Lieutenant Valentina Tereshkova, 26, was the fifth Russian cosmonaut to go into the Earth's orbit when her spaceship Vostok VI was launched at 12:30 Moscow time. Full details here. I was going to have some space themed piece but I'm afraid it just has to be Paradise which could be classed as vaguely stellar :

Saturday 15 June 2013

Magna Carta

On this day in 1215 King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta , to in theory create a fairer society for the people and not subject to the whims of a despotic ruler. Well actually it was more about maintaining the barons' interests than actually being for the good or the people as a whole. Much like every government since up to the present day. Here's an audio of the event.

So obviously that should have influenced my June's Tunes choice for today. Problem being that the first band that come to my mind are the seventie's beardy folkies Magna Carta who never really set my world alight. There was a song called "Lord Of The Ages" that went on a bit with portentious spoken bits , which is  available on Youtube here and is just as toe curlingly awful as I remember. Anyway was trying to think of a related song , maybe "Sign Your Name" Terence Trent D'Arby or "Signed, Sealed , Delivered I'm Yours" by Stevie Wonder or "King" by UB40. Decided to go with Stevie Wonder:

Still Awake Listening To The Rain

Was going to mow the lawn , looked out and it was very wet. It's been raining all night so no lawn mowing tomorrow. Still will have the finales to Da Vinci's Demons and The Fall to look forward to. Of course if I tag The Fall now , it will fall in with Mark E Smith's Mancunian Juggernaut of band rather the  tale of murder , psychology featuring the excellent Gillian Anderson. C'est La Vie.

Anyway it looks like another Pink Floyd tune has found it's way into June's Tunes as my friend John posted about the album More the soundtrack to the 1969 film by Barbet Schroeder. The track is the main theme is which is one of my favourite uses of stereo panning along with Jimi Hendrix's "May This Be Love" the opening track from the second side  of "Are You Experienced" . Anyway if you have headphones I suggest you stick them on now , turn up and drift away:

Friday 14 June 2013

Back Home

After a great week , relaxing wise , back home from Ampleforthwith a garden to mow. The journey back was uneventful and easy . There's a few photos from last week here .

My friend Julie posted a Springsteen Spotify playlist which included Rosalita , the first song I heard by Bruce Springsteen when he was the "future of rock'n'roll". This is today's June's Tune. Can't find the orignal Whistle Test broadcast but this is close enough. Enjoy, I just love it:

Thursday 13 June 2013

Black Sabbath on Holiday

Today was the last day in Ampleforth , tomorrow it's time to go home. Certainly needed time away from work to recover from the cough and cold which I'm still not fully over, but am majorly impressed with Hardwick cottage and Ampleforth. Quiet , relaxing but with all you actually need.

Anyway need to post my Tune for June , and todays the 13th which should give me some inspiration. The lot's of numerically related songs which is how I started this sequence. Then I remembered Black Sabbath have just released "13" , not heard it but I'll use it as a springboard and choose "Hard Road" as it's one of my favourite Sabbath tracks and I'm driving back to Newcastle tomorrow! Oh and just found out that , to my knowledge , no Black Sabbath track has been used in a TV advert!

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Thing about Yorkshire ...It's Big

Today I've driven about bit's of Yorkshire , visiting Rievaulx Terrace and Abbey before scurrying off to visit The Durham Ox at Crayke.

Rievaulx is a brilliant walk which includes woodland , sculptures , two impressive Temples at either end of the terrace, a wire horse in the middle and fighting wire hares at the end. Plus impressive views of the Abbey ruins all of which will eventually appear on my Picassa pages when I get home.. Here are some from a few years back.

Anyway was trying to think of a tune for today and it will be "Adventures in A Yorkshire Landscape" by Be Bop Deluxe featuring the genius of Bill Nelson. You can download it here. Enjoy:


Tuesday 11 June 2013

Back In The Night

One AM this time and for some reason can't sleep. Yesterday was a relapse and today intend to stop and maybe just have a bath and do some catch up TV. The title comes from the opening song on the Wilko Johnson interview which should still be on 6 music here til next Sunday and I would recommend to go a listen to it , failing that get a copy of Oil City Confidential the brilliant Julien Temple

Anyway this a short one and an excuse to include Dr Feelgood's Back In The Night in my June's Tunes series. Ofviously my back in the night and the songs subject are quite different said he with a chuckle:

Monday 10 June 2013

Hardwick Cottage, Ampleforth

These days I seldom do specific posts about cottages we've stayed in, but this one is exceptional. The owner Rose is very welcoming and the cottage was her father's house. The renovations are documented in one of the welcome books you see as you walk into the large airy dining room and kitchen.

The front room features a book filled tall boy which belonged to Ros's grandmother as well as a modern TV and DVD , player and dedicated wifi , plus an incoming land line. Some cottages are provisioned with cast offs , but in this case whatever is best for the cottage has been provided. Even the selection of films , in my opinion is faultless : Amelie , The Motorcycle Diaries , Withnail & I and Tea With Mussolini and more (including the very disturbing In The Night Garden - CBeebies have a lot to answer for)

There's no need for any photographs as you can look round it here.

I can highly recommend this cottage.

Oh by the way the spiders seem to have vacated the premises!!

Anyway I also need to post an approprate song of the day for June's Tunes, and you think of Our House by Madness or CSNY or Country House by Blur but thinking a bit further on it and decided on the idyllic "Village Green Preservation Society" by the Kinks , then I saw this Kate Rusby version and decided to go with that one which sort of goes with the feeling of the place:

Sunday 9 June 2013

Billy Bragg and Bob Dylan

Was just thinking of the similarities between Bob Dylan and Billy Bragg.
  • Both have voices that manage to alienate many potential listeners.
  • Both have had their songs covered by others resulting in major success for the coverer - Dylan with The Byrds and Billy Bragg with Kirsty MacColl
  • Both have recently released albums that rate with the best of their careers Dylan's Tempest and Bragg's Tooth and Nail , both in my collection
I love the promo for Bragg's new single , directed by Johnny Vegas I belive , who has a degree in Ceramics nicely referenced in the video:

Quarter of an hour of Bob singing "Tempest" about the Titanic's maiden voyage

And an iteresting funny take on Bob's idea by Tim Heidecker

Ampleforth, Spiders and Evolution

Still feeling the after effects of whatever I've had , but well impressed with the cotage which sensibly has it's own wifi , though I feel this will be a growing trend. Ironic that I cant get a phone signal so cant recieve calls or texts but can use my phone to surf the net and listen to online radio stations. You can see the cottage here.

Anyway this was up during the night and noticed a spider in the bath (there are lots of arachnid vistors to this cottage but what can you expect is such a rural area). This morning it was still there and it got me wondering. Spiders are essentially intelligent creatures and ceramic baths have been around for 150 years or so , so why have they not learned to climb out of a bath yet. More pertinently a spider arriving in a bath from the plug hole is like a driver arriving in a cul-de-sac . Eventually you realise that you've made a mistake (unless the place you want to go is in the cul-de-sac) and then you leave the way you came, This is one area where spider show a distinct lack of intelligence.

Lot's of people can't be doing with spiders and it's basically humans cannot deal with creatures with more legs than them that move faster than them. I'm generally ok with spiders as they cull the insect population , but would prefer it if they keep out of my way.

Given the amount of arachnid action today there can only be one one song for the June's Tunes:

Saturday 8 June 2013

It's Four In The Morning .. And I Feel Awful

Well it isn't it's actually 1:48 , but while trying to sleep since 8 pm last night have kept being woken up by coughing fits and an extremely sore throat coughing up some not very nice stuff. It's times like these when I get scared the ITP may come back, but last couple of times I thought it was happening I've recovered sufficiantly. Just found this ITP support site which includes an article on a (nearly) nude St Andrews Calendar , information here.

Just glad this has occurred at the beginning of my holiday at a weekend , which means , as I can't sleep, I can write this post. The fact I can write this means that I must be on the mend , last night I was only fit to drop into bed. Symptoms 'flu like aching , very sore thoat as soon as you lay down tickly cough kicks in , but you are actuallly too tired and weak to get up , but you have to to spit out the horrible phlegm to get it out of your system (swallowing is not an option).

Anyway for some reason the phrase "Four In The Morning" popped into my mind which I've just realised was a syruppy counry and western confection by Faron Young , but the one that I was thinking of was the song by Kevin Godley and Lol Creme from their triple album Consequences that they put out after splitting from 10CC (who have already featured in my June's Tunes). So here is the wonderful song , the kettle is on and I'm going to make myself a cup of tea!!

Now I've found the video , the song is actually called Five O'Clock In The Morning , memory not fully populated , it's still a fantastic song , have a listen. Just checked the albums on Amazon and they will now leave a serious dent in your pocket and there is not much available on download.

Friday 7 June 2013

Windows 8 Maps and Scottish Pirate Metal

I'm still getting to grips with Windows 8 so this may be an unfair rant. One of the problems in building intuitive interfaces is that the user has to guess what the designer wants the user to do and the designer has to pre empt what the average user will do.

So I was presented with a map roughly centered on Newcastle , with a Bing logo in the bottom left hand corner (and we all know how rubbish Bing searches are) , so that doesnt bode well for the package. Eventually I discovered that a right click on the bottom of the screen brings up a menu with a directions button whicjh I selected , put it my start and destination post codes and it drew a blue line on the map....

...and that was it , no printed directions , no opportunity to put in detours. So went back to Google Maps and got what  I needed.

Anyway it's sunny, and I will we driving down despite having a cough , cold , maybe hayfever and feeling quite rubbish. This day in 1692 an earthquake destroyed Port Royal in Jamaica , a notorious pirate haven . Article here. This gives me the inspiration for todays June's Tunes , the Scottish Pirate Metal (how niche can you get)  band Alestorm

Thursday 6 June 2013

Five Inches of Pleasure ..... 500 Posts .....Spiritual High ..... Becoming More Like God

and this is my 500th post, and it is music related. Every so often something just comes into my head, and one of the things I liked about the CD single heyday (is that the right spelling ?) were the remix singles. Two that stuck in my mind were Spiritual High by Moodswings featurg Chrissie Hynde and Becoming More Like God by Jah Wobble featuring Sinead O'Connor.

These are just the tip of the iceberg and the Moodswings CD dropped through my letterbox featuring six versions of the song clocking in at forty minutes , currently on my CD player. It cost me just under three quid including postage. The Jah Wobble one was on sale at £25 so I think I will leave that for the time being , maybe just invest in the new deluxe version of Take Me To God. Anyway I've include Youtube copies of both tracks for you to enjoy.

Can My Phone Read My Mind?

A friend of mine had posted on Twitter about tge general incompetence if tge contestants.  This called to mind the excellent Mitchell and Webb Apprentice sketch so I thought I would send her the link from Youtube. The recommendations are usually Charlie Brooker and music related. Top of the pile today was a Mitchell and Webb cricket sketch.

It's just coincidence but it would give Derek Acorah a series!!

Life is just a TLA and Iron Maiden

It's the sixth of June already. We're half way through 2013. Another work day. And need a piece of music for today's June's Tunes. It's funny how sunny weather is quite uplifting but when it's grey you can easily feel down . It that what they call SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) . Yesterday I was told I may have had a TIA , and the doctor spoke as though I should have known what he meant . It's a sort of mini - stroke that leaves little or no trace barring the damage it does. So in theory you could have one and not be aware of it. TIA stands for Transient Ischaemic Attack which would have disturbed me even more if he'd come out with that !

Still it's just another TLA (Three Letter Acronym) , anyway here's today's tune ,ad it's the sixth we'll go for Iron Maiden's 666 - The Number Of The Beast:

Oh by the way Maiden England are playing The Doll at The Black Bull soon . Check here for details.

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Trailing Spaces and TIA

Whenever you parse a string in any programming language you should usually exclude trailing or leading spaces. This is because usually they have been but there accidentally, It means that comparisons will fail if you do not remove the spaces.This has happened four times to me today on web forms.

It's amazing how many basic rules seem to have been thrown out of the window with the new programming regimes . Fast and cheap , standards gone , and we have to live with it.

In other news com back from hospital with the news that they think I've had a TIA except I still cant use my little finger properly. So it looks like its just going to be a long slog to regain the use of it once more , either that or I stick to playing bass!

Anyway today's tune for June  is The Hospital Song by 10CC , I'd forgotten how good this was :

Tuesday 4 June 2013

How Times Have (Not) Changed

In 1974 Robert Wyatt was at a party , possibly worse for wear , fell out of a window and broke his back and never walked again. Not good for a drummer . He didn't let it stop him and released this version of The Monkees' I'm A Believer on Richard Branson's fledgling Virgin label.

It was promoted by an appearance on Top Of The Pops , but some BBC manager decided that a guy in a wheelchair was too disturbing for the public and he wasn't allowed on again unless he sat on a normal chair. Nice treatment of people who have to use a wheelchair then.

Anyway the record is brilliant and it may get you into Robert Wyatt. The follow up to this was Chris Andrews' "Yesterday Man" , and hopefully everybody has heard his wonderful rendition of Elvis Costellos Shipbuilding.

Rant over and hopefully the BBC are different now (but probably not).

The Moon In June

This was one of the songs that I had down for the June's Tunes. Obviously it could be used any day , but less obviously it is probably a tune most of you don't know. Always loved Soft Machine , but lots of you will know Karl Jenkins and maybe even Robert Wyatt - banned from performing on top of the pops because he was in a wheelchair and it might disturb sensitive viewers. He actually was on once with a stellar backing band featuring Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) , Fred Frith (Henry Cow) and may others when he covered The Monkee's I'm a Believer . It may actually be already on this blog (check the Robert Wyatt tags). Oops it's not but I will actually post about it soon.

Anyway summer is still with us and is likely to be here all week.

Happy days

Monday 3 June 2013

On The Third Day ....

.. and that's the name of an Electric Light Orchestra album (when they were good) . Today the computer decided not to start and the burglar alarm decided to just play silly buggers. The weather is still good , in fact very hot , so summer looks like it's here.

For the June's Tunes I want to get away from the numbers but also want to have the Bob Dorough original of Three (Is a Magic) number. I have 30 days to go for more obscure stuff , so I will actually go for it. I first heard it on an excellent Blue Note sampler.

Incidentally Roy Wood formed the Elelectric Light Orchestra because he wanted to continue the musical direction taken by the Beatles on Strawberry Fields. Whether he was successful you can judge for yourself but Roy Wood left after the first album leaving Jeff Lynne to produce some excellent stuff while Wood went off and formed Wizzard as well as producing a great body of solo work.

Anyway here's Bob......

Sunday 2 June 2013

Two To Know

Today its the second of June and was thinking of something to do with the day for the June's Tunes task , and my first thought was Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground , well actually it wasn't , it was U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday , both fine songs but I am trying to keep off the obvious track , and for some reason Pink Floyd's "Arnold Layne" came to mind.

The reason for it is the phrase "Two Too Know" , which actually found its way into the Oxford Book of Fine Verse , despite the song being controversial as it was about a man who's "strange hobby " was stealing ladies underwear from washing lines at night for his own nefarious purposes. The wiki link is here.

Anyway in the rest of the news , the weather is good , and I way have a wander along to day two of the Green Festival as the weather is gorgeous again. Just realized over the last two weeks the weather has been gorgeous over the weekends and rubbish during the week , just what you want for any normal person.

Saturday 1 June 2013

Junes Tunes

Last year I did "A Post A Day In May". This year for every day in June I will post a song that bears some relation to that day. It be the day , the date or something relating to it. I may do a full Grooveshark playlist at the end , although I may also try it on Deezer to compare the two.

This week has been semi eventful . I finally got a new Windows 7 computer delivered , but it turns out it's Windows 8 . I have then reinstalled most of the software on the new box , the hardest being the POP3 Email of Thunderbird , but that is all done now, The computer is up , running and behaving.

I entered my Dark Side Of The Moon representation on the EE Facebook page  to win a Glastonbury Ticket which I would give away if I won it.

And today I went to the Green Festival and saw the excellent Too Spicy , who I will write up on the Spoongig site.

Anyway todays June's Tune is  "One Fine Day" by The Chiffons.