Saturday 28 November 2015

Black Friday Has Gone (Hopefully Forever)

Well Black Friday has come and gone , retailers would have the rabble spending money they haven't got on things they never needed. Black Friday to me was the Stock Market crash in the late eighties when we let the idiot traders freed by the idiot right wingers have computers so then could predict how they were going to mess up so much faster. My biggest ever financial loss came when I bought shares in and some other company that bombed on recommendations from Morgan Stanley, and I bet at Ladbrokes and William Hills. Stock Market Traders aren't that much different than the guy who goes down th ebookies except they are paid to do it with other peoples money.

I Will Be Here Soon
Anyway you what I did yesterday after work. I spent a great night with friends who I hadn't seen in ages , laughing chatting , drinking eating and catching up , and that put a huge huge smile on my face and theirs. The only money that was spent was on food and drink , and a couple of expensive taxis. That is the way to have a Friday , having a great time with great friends laughing and giving hugs.

Obviously only one song for this , and John Scott will hate me for it. Black Friday by Steely Dan.

Have a brilliant brilliant weekend everyone , CSI Ambleside is calling and you know what that means..

Wednesday 25 November 2015


After months of waiting Windows 10 has come to my Zoostorm Tower . It's like the Eddie Izzard sketch  you wait forever for the upgrade and what changes? Well more store things more things on your start up that you don't want there and basically it's the same as it was before . I will obviously gove it a chance , well I don't really have a choice now do ? Oh it has Cortana which is Windows version of Siri . Love to see an argument between Cortana and Siri

Today has been a draggy day but those things happen . All of a sudden I've finished with the music Odyssey and really surprised that the last post has virtually no views for some reason. I got photographed by the Evening Chronicle last night in this gallery here in the protest against more government cuts.

Anyway I know its only short but enjoy the rest of your Wednesday , I hope my next post will be more substantial

Cortana Zombie

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Look Out For Your Friends, Give Them A Hug - #59 - 2015 - The Men That Will Not Be Named For Nothing - Not Your Typical Victorian

It's dark , it's cold and this is the sort of time when bad things can seem much much worse. Tonight I will be joining a march protesting against the austerity cuts by this idiot spiteful government who it this time of austerity have suddenly found billions to bomb the hell out of the people they supplied with weapons in the first place, the rally details are here.

Actually I have no problem with self imposed austerity , say of you want to save for a holiday or something major but you do not impose it on others to try and mask your own failings or just to fund your own extravagances ... like wars.

The thing is there may be friends who are having a hard time , try phoning them , take them out for a meal or a coffee,  buy them a small present , let them know you care. There will be someone out there who probably needs you , don't leave it to someone else, you do it , and if someone suddenly gets ten phone calls well that is all well and good.

Well the Odyssey his the final shore , year 59 and this year 2015. This year I can think of loads of records that have been released but I must say it has been more and more difficult to find stuff in the standard top 100 chart. These records are not my favourites although I do like them all. This morning I though of at least ten that I could choose today . In the run up to Christmas I may continue with records I missed because I am surprised there are no Beach Boys , Rolling Stones , Hawkwind , Kinks  and many many more. Anyway the number one that I've chosen is "Not Your Typical Victorian" by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing , maybe simply because I saw them last Friday (review here) and I love this song.

Have a fantastic Tuesday and look out for your friends.

Monday 23 November 2015

Dark Morning, Waiting For The Light - #58 - 2014 - Royal Blood - Ten Tonne Skeleton

I have to be thankful in my new job that I see a lot more of the day, both during working hours and at the ends of the day , however I look out the window now and it's dark and I know by the time I get home it will be dark. However this is the nature of this planet and where I am located. This time last year I knew I was going to be leaving my old job and looking forward to whatever new things came my way. Some people see things as being the end when they just are new beginnings and since leaving my old job I have been involved in volunteering work with Oxfam , a start up company with Geek Talent and met an amazing number of great new friends. Part of this is due to the near 60 hours a month that I used to spend traveling to and from work , that's a working week and half for me to actually play with , how absolutely brilliant is that? I had an interview which seemed like a dream job in Durham which I never heard back from , but my new job is five minutes from my front door and enables me to deal with chores like doctors and hospital visits within a very supportive work framework. A friend in America recently started a new job m and he little girl was ill , her employer sent her home to look after her daughter until her daughter was better. That employer was supportive and that by that act it gained extra loyalty from my friend , a very sensible and caring act.

So we know the light will come if we prepare ourselves when things are dark. God that sounds pretentious as hell, Do I care , not a jot, life is god for me so it means I can be strong for anyone who needs me to be strong for and with them.

Anyway ......

Have Fun
The Odyssey hits the penultimate year , and I cannot pinpoint a new album that I bought last year just from memory, though lot's will jump out when I look at a list , but my memory has always been like that. Odd that I cannot remember actual facts , but I can remember how to find the facts I need to know. Someone once expressed shock to Einstein when they found out out he didn't know the speed of light, his retort , "What do I need to know that for, I can look it up in a book" , and that has been me all my life.

I should have thought it's a year sing me and my mate Chris were trying to get tickets for a non existent Royal Blood date at Newcastle Riverside ,  I could have chosen any track but Ten Tonne Skeleton is brilliant.

So go out and have a great Monday , it will soon be light , I can see the eastern sky brightening up.

Sunday 22 November 2015

Sunday Service - #57 - 2013 - David Bowie - The Next Day

Was woken up this morning by the sound of seagulls. I'm not in Whitby I am ten miles inland from the coast. I went out and it's grey and raining slightly . It's Sunday morning and I do have a lot to do today , deliveries to take and people to see and thinks to dispose of. It is November and we have had a bit of sun , but days are getting shorter. In fact this morning I got up and was wandering round and half an hour later had to start switching the lights on.

Seen some newspaper headlines this morning, which are absolutely exasperating makes me want to start my Mr Angry blog , but I don't do anger so I will calm down and do something positive, but it amazes me that a government can always find money to pays it's arms dealers but not to look after the people who effectively put it into power. There rant over.

The Next Day
The Odyssey reaches 2013 year 57 and it that year David Bowie released an unannounced album The Next Day , his first in ten years. It had not been particularly done in secret , it's just that no one apparently noticed , and it was an absolutely excellent album, well worth buying and everyone with any sense went out and got their hands on a copy. I've chosen the title track and apologise if you have to log in to see the video as it contains religion , BDSM, blood and lots of other great fun stuff. It's the first time I have seen the video despite buying the album when it came out and like almost everything Bowie does I am very impressed with it.

I also loved the recycled cover art of The Next Day referencing "Heroes" (possibly his finest song).

His next album Blackstar comes out in January but you can download the title track and pre order it now here.

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone.

Saturday 21 November 2015

A Weekend In The Sun - #56 - 2012 - Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling

Another brilliant weekend awaits after a very long Fridays involving a full days work , a viewing onf the excellent Tangerine at the Tyneside Cinema then a hike down to Think Tank? to see The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing (review here) . I still have lots to do and the weather is looking great after last night's blizzard, so going to have a run around town town before Preston hopefully dispose of Blackburn.

The Odyssey is coming to an end , there's three more to go and then it's time to put the book together. So year 56 , 2012 and Gold on The Ceiling from El Camino by The Black Keys , who I have loved since I hear ThickFreakness whenever that came out.

So enjoy the sunshine today and I hope to catch you soon

Friday 20 November 2015

Phone A Friend Friday - #55 - 2011 - Polly Jean Harvey - Written On The Forehead

Friday is here and today is going to be a long day, it's been an intense week in a lot of ways but I have got a lot done, but amazingly run out of socks , well almost , despite the fact that the laundry basket is only half full and I don't think there's any of my socks in there. But it's going to be a a great night withe a screening of the film Tangerine at The Tyneside Cinema for Transgender Remembrance Day followed by a run down to Think Tank to see The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing , and then possibly a lie in on Saturday before finishing my friend's web site off about the Codonopsis plant family.

Anyway it would be a great idea idea to phone a friend or family member you have not spoken to for a while and maybe meet up for coffee or cake and have a hug and a catch up.

Hope you're is good.

The Odyssey reaches 2011 year 55. I didn't even look at the charts for this year because that was the year that my favourite female artist released "Let England Shake" one of the greatest albums of all time the difficulty came in choosing the song and I I eventually chose "Written On The Forehead" a brilliant anti war song , and it gives me a chance to add in Niney The Observers wonderful Blood And Fire that it samples. Written on the Forehead refers to either the practice used in military hospitals of identifying what the condition of an injured soldier was or it could be from Th eBook of Revelation 2:24 "His Name Will Be Written On Their Forehead" . I leave that for you you to look up.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

Thursday 19 November 2015

Some People Have No Sense Of Humour But We Do - #54 - 2010 - Newport (Ymerodraeth State of Mind) - Alex Warren and Terema Wainwright

I can't believe it's five years since Alex Warren and Terema Wainwright showed up how po faced American Rhythm and Beat artists Alicia Keys and Jay Zed were when this excellent parody of New York State of Mind caused them such anguish that it kept getting taken town from Youtube. Obviously it has now stayed and wouldn't it be better to acknowledge that this is funny and not offensive. It even spawned an excellent BBC take on it featuring lots of stars WITH a sens of humour for Children in need and Goldie Lookin' Chain even produced a reply to it.

Right that's all I'm posting but you've got three great videos to watch.

Have a brilliant Thursday and go and hug somebody.

Goldie Lookin' Chain 

Children In Need:

Wednesday 18 November 2015

It's Wednesday Smile and Give Someone A Hug - #53 - 2009 - Beyonce - Single Ladies

It's Wednesday and the week has been interesting so far , and I'm sure it may get more interesting. I working on a website which is in fledgling state here about Codonopsis which has a lot of information about the various strains of the plant . There is a lot of information on there and now I am loading the pictures up there. Summer has finally left us and it's cold and wet , so go out and give somebody a cuddle and a hug , that'll keep you both warm and make you feel much better.

Put A Ring On It
The musical Odyssey has it's end in sight and reaches year 53 , 2009 and I've chosen Singles Ladies by Beyonce which , in my opinion is her fines song just because it doesn't conform to the standard song construct yes is still both listenable , a great pop song , and threatening.

Have a great day and make sure you have a smile on your face, Be Happy.

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Is Music Getting Worse? - #52 - 2008 - Utah Saints - Something Good 08

Most of the the musical Odyssey songs have been chosen from the top 100 singles in the UK for that year., but in 2007 and 2008 I have run into a musical brick wall. Don't get me wrong I know that loads of great music was about in these years but these blog posts are written to give a feeling of spontaneity . If you have to research what you like you have a bit of a problem. I do have something special for 2011 if my mind remembers. Music is not getting worse but the cjarts are definitely not looking too good .

I Love Kate
So trawling through 2008 and  I saw this remix from the 90's which includes a Kate Bush sample Cloudbusting (my favourite Kate Bush song)  , which I always thought was called Cloudbursting , but what do I know. Anyway The Utah Saints Something Good is always worth a listen

Have a brilliant Tuesday everyone and buy my ebook when it comes out probably about January.

Monday 16 November 2015

The Next Thousand - #51 - 2007 - Regina Spektor - Fidelity

Good Music in 2007
Well this is post 1001 and it's Monday morning . The weather is grey and windy but I amds ure the week will be another good one. However 2007 is the first time I've been almost unable to find a song for that year. It's taken me quarter of an hour to find something that fit's my criteria because frankly most of the music in 2007 was pretty inane and rubbish . Please feel free to put me right on this.

For the Odyssey, year #51 we reach 2007 and I finally found the gorgeous Fidelity by Regina Spektor. As I say there is always good music around , sometimes you just have to look a little harder.

Have a brilliant Monday everyone.

Sunday 15 November 2015

The Millenium Post - #50 - 2006 - Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes

This is the thousandth post , that's one thousand times I've written something to put on here. On thousand times something has fallen out of my brain to fall through my fingertips via my computer keyboard to hit the screen for you to read  now. I've tried blogging by phone , I believe there is one post that I put on completely via voice input on one of my phones. Since I started this I've learned lots , met lots of new friends , been all around this country but essentially not left the UK shoreline apart from the odd trip to Ireland. I do like writing and sometimes it meanders aimlessly but sometimes great things come out of it. Sometimes it's a one liner an observation or something more. I take inspiration from lots of things . The letters A F J K L are special and inspirational to me.


I've have 97 thousand page views that means every thing I write gets seen my nearly a hundred people and maybe robots. The most read piece is an appalling piece about Lion Poo . The one I would linke to be high up is the one with the Christopher Lee video , the now sadly missed great man.

I know this is a bit of a retrospective and I need to look forward as well as back . I have never stood still and always want to experience new thing sand meet new people , but also enjoy being unpressured.

I started this blog of with travel in mind hence the Seven Days In motif , but it soon became a way of recording and remembering things that caught my mind and someone pointed out that they thought it was Seven Day Sin knowing my reputation (some reputation of which I am totally unaware, I was brought up by Jesuits and  I am a very good person)

Anyway I think there was a band called called Seven Day Sin but I cant find any trace of them any more

The song that I am going to choose for the Millennium Post is The Clash's White Man In Hammersmith Palais , just because I love it so much. This isn't part of the Oddysey that comes in Part 2 put this is a truly monumental song.

So that's it


What next , will I hit ten thousand ? Probably not , but I am determined to keep writing and have an absolutely brilliant time.

Right that's the main part of the post here's the next installment in The Odyssey:

This is proof that that there is always brilliant music around whatever the year is. It may scare you that this is almost ten years old . So year 50 in 2006 brings us to Steady As She Goes By The Raconteurs. Brilliant stuff.

Have a brilliant Sunday afternoon everyone.

Don't Be Sad Be Happy - ONE - #49 - 2005 - Jem - They

Hello , hope your Sunday is going well , though its just coming up to 9 am here. The weather is very grey , not raining but it has been. I want to do something positive today , something just to make me feel good. This is my 999th post on this blog , the next one will be the thousandth, and the music choice will be limited by the year , and it would be nice to have something positive to report.

It is too easy to fall into lethargy and to look for things to complain about, but there is so much to actually do and discover I don't one to be in that position , however the current weather is one that brings on the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) also known as Winter Depression , and I know if the sun were shining I would feel differently , so I am going to look for sunshine in one form or another and if you feel a little down then do the same . Even going for a walk can help , phone or meet a friend , talking to people is great fun too.

Anyway I will post the thousand the post this evening rather than rush it tomorrow morning. The song will be from 2006 , that is the only certainty.

Homer Did It First
In the musical Odyssey we have reached year 49. The choices have been fairly arbitrary , apart from the fact that every song on the journey is one that I love and They by Jem is no different almost ghostly in it's sound , sounding at first quite normal but with an unknown edge of menace . I don't know if that's what she meant but nearly ten years on it has lost not of it's pull for me.

Have a brilliant Sunday and do something to make you smile. I definitely will do and will be thinking of you , all my friends spread across Australia , New Zealand , Italy , Africa, the USA , Brazil , and of course UK.

Saturday 14 November 2015

IT'S CUDDLE SATURDAY - TWO - #48 - 2004 - Streets - Dry Your Eyes

This morning I went out for the papers, shocked at the news coming in from Paris , knowing that the right wing media will turn this to stir up hate against refugees when it's their paymasters who are the initial instigators of this supplying weapons to anyone anyone who will play and top up their hedge funds . Simplistic view I know.

Anyway when I went out this morning it was bloody freezing , thank god it wasnt raining. A great way to combat this is is to cuddle someone and share body heat. Cuddles and hugs should really be the norm everyday. Some people may not be able to do this for one reason or another. Never think you don't deserve it. You deserve to feel wanted , loved and cared for and hugged. Someone will be there for you. Reach out to people , pick up a phone , communicate , text , meet for coffee or tea or a meal.. We all need me time , but we need us time even more, and it could be someone next door , in the same town , city , country and thanks to the internet the world. It can be lover , friend , family , neighbour , casual acquaintance , do it and put a smile on your face.

Tears of Sorrow and Joy
The Odyssey hits number forty eight and only two more posts til I hit my thousandth post on this blog. According to the stats there have been 97,000 page views so I think it's on course for 100K by the end of the year. The song hit me like a freight train one of the greatest break up songs ever , and it's white charver rap , still makes me cry. Mike Skinner is a genius , it's similar to the Wyclef Jean post I shared in post #42 last Sunday , shows what a sentiment wimp I really am. Anyway I've listened to "Dry Your Eyes" by The Streets about six times while writing this. I am welling up, and really need a hug.

So go out there , find someone to cuddle , you will feel much much better for it , you both will.

Friday 13 November 2015

Lost In A Dream - Three - #47 - 2003 - Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather For Ducks

Just woke from a strange dream through half an hour of snooze alarms that were part of the dream though I kept snoozing the alarm. I can't remember any details but it was pleasant . We have hit Friday have the weekend to look forward to but I was woken up by the rain during the night.

It's Friday the 13th and I have posted before about superstitions and the Number 13 . Don't take it too seriously , but be careful

Nice Weather For Ducks
Anyway the musical trip hits year 47 , 2003 and the singles charts were again full of rubbish . My own mantra is that 95% is always rubbish and found that Nice Weather For Ducks by Lemon Jelly was in the charts then and it's pretty appropriate given todays weather

Keep dry and have a great day. The weekend is nearly here

Thursday 12 November 2015

Thursday Is Here - FOUR - #46 - 2002 - Feeder - Just The Way I'm Feeling

Thursday is here . Had a potential disaster in that my phone battery seems to be draining rather too
quickly , so that means a trip into town to get a new one today . The thing is I had a slight panic because not having your phone cuts you off from things you want to have access to , as well as making things inconvenient because things aren't immediately to hand . Still all will be fine and by lunchtime I should be back to normal.

A friend sent me the image , absolutely amazing . I love it

That was a slight blip and I am going to have a wonderful day today , there will be a lot of hard work, but I have a great circle of friends all over the world who I can talk to , chat with and meet and it's always a good thing to contact people for any reason , to make sure they are ok and look out for them

Anyway the Odyssey reaches year 46 and the singles charts in 2002 are particularly awful , so bad I almost chose an Oasis song, but checked out the albums chart, and saw Comfort In Sound by Feeder was released in 2002 , so "Just The Way I'm Feeling" was an obvious choice.

Have a brilliant Thursday everyone.

Wednesday 11 November 2015

BIG HUG WEDNESDAY: Keep On Smiling with a small Starbucks Rant - FIVE - #45 - 2001 - OPM - Heaven Is A Halfpipe

Real Coffee
I know I keep on about putting on a smile , being happy and hugging and kissing each other , but was tempted to write about this idiot  situation about the colour of Starbuck's Cups . Someone once said that once the threat of starvation had been eradicated then people's main hobby becomes being offended. Starbuck's are guilty of far worse things that the colour of their cups , but they still do good Frappacinos and I have no problem with the staff , just the company. But anyway that's by the by. Today let's make it a BIG HUG Wednesday , grab a friend and hug them and go for a coffee at an independent coffee place like Bar Loco or Pink Lane Coffee in Newcastle.

The Odyssey hits 2001 and for 2000 I had hoped for Heaven Is A Halfpipe by OPM , so it was a no brainer to choose for 2001 , despite competition from Gorillaz and other worthy choices

So go on make it a BIG HUG WEDNESDAY

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Put A Smile On Your Face - SIX - #44 - 2000 - Len - Steal My Sunshine

Well Monday is over and Tuesday is here and the week has started better than expected and is going to keep getting better. No major events but after The Wedding Present gig on Saturday finishing last week , this week has a lot to live up to and I think it will be great , I am sure but I will have to do lots of good things and I will. Watch the video and this song will put a big smile on your face.

The Odyssey reached the year of The Millennium , and there was the huge panic about the Millennium bug and how the world would come to a halt. This confused me apart from being a ploy to rip people off. I started programming in 1980 for Littlewoods and the first line of the program I wrote checked whether it was the 20th or 21st Century . If I was doing that then why weren't Microsoft , Intel , IBM and Apple doing it in the run up to 2000?

Go On Smile

Well the Odyssey reaches year 44 , the year of the Millennium and good music was sparse , but good music is always there. I could have chosen Beautiful Day by U2  , and Who Let The Dogs Out by The Baha Men was number one (as I say not a classic year) but have decided to go for Len with Steal My Sunshine which always brings a smile to my face , and anything that makes me smile is a great way to start your day.

Put a smile on your face and have a brilliant day.

Monday 9 November 2015

Lying In Bed - SEVEN - #43 - 1999 - Bran Van 3000 - Drinking In LA

I do like lying in bed warm , being awake enough to appreciate it and still knowing you have another hour left before the alarm goes off, then five minutes before the alarm goes off switching the damned thing off and getting up because you want to . And this is a Monday morning and there is a hell of a lot to do at work over the next three days (and probably the rest of the week), so no early finishes , but that's fine because I work with a great supportive team. So that's my thoughts for this morning. I hope you who have already had your Monday have had a good one , and you who are yet to have it have a brilliant one. That's what I intend to do.

Well the Odyssey hit's 1999 and I wish I could choose Prince's 1999 but that was quite a bit older, so it was a toss up between "Tequila" by Terrorvision and "Drinkin' In LA" by Bran Van 3000, I've gone for that latter , but there was a lot of songs I could have gone for.

Have a great day and a great week.

Sunday 8 November 2015

Sunday Morning - EIGHT - #42 - 1998 - Wyclef Jean - Gone Til November


Well it's the middle of the night after an amazing night seeing the Wedding Present. Amazing band and I am so pleased I saw them. Was there with two great friends we all loved it apart from an idiot numpty trying to pick a fight .I am quite tired so straight into the music now..

The Odyssey has hit year 42 and I am going for Wyclef Jean's heartbreakingly beautiful Gone Til November.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Saturday 7 November 2015

The Rain Is Here - NINE - #41 - 1997 - Dario G - Sunchyme / DJ Quicksilver - Bellisima

It's Saturday , It's Grey , It's Raining and tonight I am going to see The Wedding Present , so lots of incredible positives. Problem with rain is that you need umbrellas and because it's winter you need to wrap up well. I just checked my power statement from the totally brilliant OVO and that's £500 overpaid giving me 3% interest (about a pound a month hee hee ) , but OVO are a brilliant energy supplier , been with em nearly two years so my fixed rate is nearly up.
Rave Boys and Girls
 Year 41 was the first year I had choosing a song from the top 100 of that year , some was OK some was rubbish and then this euphoric take on Dream Academy's "Life In A Northern Town" stood out , I do love Dario G , even I want to get up and dance when there music comes on , but obviously that would be a very bad thing. , but then Bellissima by DJ Quicksilver came on , that was 1997 so I am having both. The Dario G album also reference the refrain from David Bowie's Memory of A Free Festival from Space Oddity.

Enjoy and have a brilliant day my totally wonderful friends.

Friday 6 November 2015

Countdown - TEN - #40 - 1996 - Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever

Counting Down
Well it's Friday and who knows what will happen today . I am ten posts away from my thousandth post on this blog so counting down, and need four thousand page views to hit my 100K target by New Year's Eve . Guy Fawkes is gone and the weekend beckons . Fog and smoke has permeated the atmosphere and it's been wet and not exactly sunny.

I've hit year 40 in the Odyssey and there were a lot of fine records in 1996 but  I Love You Always Forever  by Donna Lewis has such a gorgeous chorus , and it shows what a soppy soul I really am. I had completely forgotten about this song , but now it's remembered.

Enjoy and have a brilliant Friday everyone

Thursday 5 November 2015

Burn The Goverment - #39 - 1995 - McAlmont & Butler - Yes

Idon't think too many tears would be shed if Cameron , Osborne , May and IDS were dispatched is Guy Fawkes failed attempt to do something about government corruption. I wonder where we would be had he succeeded? The pain that they have spitefully inflicted on on the population of this realm , especially those unable to look out for themselves , the poor , the sick , those bombed out of their homes by weapons sold and promoted my this government to line their own pockets. But really we will have fireworks and bonfires and straw guys commemorating bonfire night and

Ok we are 39 years into the Odyssey and I've chosen the excellent McAlmont and Butler song "Yes". This is an amazing song and this Odyssey has proved that there is always great music around at any given time.

Have a wonderful Guy Fawkes Night.

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Betcha By Golly Wow - #38 - 1994 - Stiltskin - Inside

Mind Twister
This is just an update on my betting which I started tracking on the 24th of March when I paid £100 for a tips subscription. Details of that are here. Most days I get around my money back , often I win nothing. Anyway the last two days I have cleared nearly £500 from Betfair for £40 outlay. This put my initial pot of £500 up to £1200 since I started and it's all thanks to Free Racing Tips and may be a little Lady Luck.  I am judicious with the information I'm given and don't bother with wild outsiders but the six horses I went with over the last two days all won. You can try them out here , I pay £9 a month with more than pays it's way. It won't replace my day job but it does my life a little better.

Free Racing Tips

They are really nice people to deal with and don't cost you a fortune. Here's a couple of images taken from my Betfair account , It's only £400 in credit because I got a new card and also I sometimes bet in a shop.

Anyway we hit 1994 and year 38 of The Odyssey and it was getting a bit Ravey , so I've gone for Inside by Stiltskin , a song we splayed in the early days with Spoon. A great riff and little reminiscent of Nirvana's - Smells Like Teen Spirit .

Have a brilliant evening my friends.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Foggy Morning - #37 - 1993 - House of Pain - Jump Around

We are into November , heading towards Guy Fawkes Night and wishing that maybe this year he could succeed. Outside the fog is making it look cold and grey and unwelcoming unlike yesterdays eventual sun. There is a Music Quiz Tonight that I am wandering out to which is bonfire night related and I was just thinking of how relatively civilized  that night has become. In the seventies idiots would think nothing of chucking lighted fireworks , bangers and worse through people's letter boxes. I was guilty of the odd gate swapping and pinching as well as playing knock-a-door run. So anyway it's over for this year and we can sleep without fear of door knocks with small people asking for sweets until we get the Christmas Carol singers round. Oh dear , it's only November and I have already mentioned the 'C' word.
Horse Race

Oh and Australia's Melbourne Cup ran a few hours back and I lost a few pennies as the favourite came in a out tenth and Pride of Penzance won , the first win by a lady rider in that race.

The Odyssey continues into year 37 and the 1993 charts contained a lot of rubbish , but Jump Around by House of Pain is a great record and was one of half a dozen possibilities , though as I write this the Jam's Eton Rifles is playing on Radio 6 so this morning is jammed full of amazing music.

Have a totally amazing Tuesday everyone.

Monday 2 November 2015

My Phone Is A Vampire - #36 - 1992 - Shamen - Boss Drum

My Phone is a Time Vampire
I looked at the clock when I took my Samsung Note 4 out of my pocket, waited while it did it's stuff , updating again , downloading , waiting finally pressed the first app and 3 minutes had elapsed.

I do like my phone , watch iPlayer programs and TED talks and read the odd book , plus check news , though I am thinking of ditching Twitter as I virtually never use it. But it's in the long list of apps on the phone that I never use.

Anyway be wary of how much time your phone actually takes.
Luckily I was boiling the kettle and making tea  while that was happening but I was thinking how many people just wait for their phone and lose that time completely ? 

Though I still use Facebook and Instagram is probably my most used social media app.

Anyway we're up to year 36 in the Odyssey and this was the year that KLF's Amerika - What Time is Love hit the charts , though I used it two posts ago , so I missed stuff from the Shamen's En-Tact , one of the greatest albums ever but have taken Boss Drum by the Shamen for this year's choice.

Enjoy the rest your Monday , this afternoon I go for some unspecified minor surgery .......

Sunday 1 November 2015

It's Raining Leaves - #35 - 1991 - Oceanic - Insanity

Raining Leaves
What a beautiful morning , just the sort of day you want to be with your friends and enjoying this gorgeous winter sunny day. The leaves are falling , the colours are incredible , an American friend told me her daughter said "it was raining leaves" , I thought that was a beautiful analogy. When the sun shines it does put you in a very upbeat mood. So today ring someone , meet someone , kiss them , hug them and connect with them . Make them feel loved and wanted.

I hit year 35 in my musical Odyssey , so well over half way way though it , and I am thinking of merging this with my book so I can finally publish it. It will be very freeform by it;s nature (like this blog) but , I think this could work. Iwas looking through the top 100 for 1991 and Insanity by Oceanic jumped out and grabbed me by the throat . Yes there was a lot of  of KLF but I had them for my last post and this still sounds brilliant today.

So go out , watch the leaves fall , hug someone and kiss someone