Monday 30 January 2017


Just back from a weekend in Whitby staying in Dillons. I love Whitby because being here seems like you are at sea without having to set sail. There is wood and water, fish and seabirds, the odd pirate ship, whalebones and rope, and it is a wonderful place to be.

There is the odd bit of seaside arcade and a fortune teller, but you can walk everywhere. The walk from West Cliff (where you'll find La Rosa) to the top of the 199 steps (where you'll find the Abbey) does not even seem difficult and I am not exactly what you would call prime physical shape.

Most restaurants are variations on fish but that is hardly a surprise, and no matter what the weather the atmosphere of Whitby always shines through for me.

You can also  go out Whale watching, and that's the ling to the wonderful and violent song by Alex Harvey and The New Band from The Mafia Stole My Guitar, worth playing loud, if you dare.

Goodnight my friends.

Wednesday 25 January 2017

The Last Few Days

Has been sore and painful, and I'm not talking about that pair of morons Trump and May leading our nations into oblivion. Monday was and work and having to go for a wee about every fifteen minutes, but felt ok, Tuesday morning was  lots of horrible bodily stuff resulting in me be unable to eat, and feeling like I'd been punched from the outside and the inside, Tuesday night was unable to sleep but finally decided to take a couple of Ibuprofen which seemed to ease the pain. I've not slept so much for ages as I have over the past two days.

I was in bed but had 6Music on and in a really weird turn Stuart Maconie talking about The Chain entered my dream and I was just about to say something to him when I woke up about 3pm. The dream involved me working at BT based in somewhere that was vaguely familiar, meeting a lovely girl called Kiki and Stuart Maconie and moving desks and being on a rather odd bus ride that involved being covered in a protective tarpaulin, you know the average sort of dream that I have.

While I am not back to 100%, I have managed a tomato sandwich and some pea and ham soup and toast, so hopefully I will be fit and raring to go tomorrow.

Was wondering what song to put on this and somehow Randy Newman's "Putin" came up in my feed. I didn't even know this song existed but it's Newman at his satirical best,  I sure Vladimir would agree.

I didn't intend this post to have any political content, but I managed to mention Trump, May and Putin and that makes them sound like a firm of bailiffs, which I suppose they really are.

Sunday 22 January 2017


Today was the first time I'd been to a gig since November. It was the first time I'd seen any once socially since before then barring my lovely neighbours and Jessica at Wildflower. On the the plus side I got to see a few friends who I hadn't seen in ages, and The Star Spangled Chestwigs sounded on top of their game. The Schooner was rammed.

Unfortunately this meant that I and many others couldn't see the band . The last time I saw them at The Schooner they were outside on the big stage / tables (see here) and while you could hear how good they were , you couldn't see.

But I felt brilliant to get out and it was great to see people and see The Schooner packed and enjoying the Chestwigs taking on classic rock and coming out on top.

They still can't play perfectly but they put on an absolutely perfect show and the crowd loved it. You will be hard pushed to see a better live band , because you come away from their gigs and feel absolutely top of the world. That's how good they are.

Saturday 21 January 2017

We Have To Stay Positive

We knew it was coming, we knew it was getting in the Whitehouse because the electorate knew him as the face of the Apprentice and that's why they voted. If Simon Cowell stood for Prime Minister in the UK the idiots would come out in their millions to vote for him.

This is called democracy

So what do we do?

We be ourselves.

We try and educate people that their vote matters

We foster respect and tolerance and a love of diversity.

We do what we can to make things better for us and for others.

We make life good.

WE know the dangers of what has happened the USA, but there are a hell of a lot of sensible people in the USA , like there are in the UK and maybe the Trump success is the kick up the arse that good people need to realize you cannot take things for granted.

Anyway we will deal with this and we will make things better by being positive, doing our best for ourselves, our friends and family and those who need our help.

Last Monday I was a little apprehensive about my Liver Biopsy. Today I have a biggish bruise on my right side and all is good. I knew it was going to happen and some brilliant people in the NHS made it perfect for me,

I have sort of neglected this blog but I will choose a song that is positive and the Mitchel and Webb Apprentice sketch which is hilarious. What better than Public Service Broadcastings's "Go" , totally positive and that is what we should be.

Tuesday 17 January 2017

The Day After

Yesterday was spent in the Freeman Hospital for a Liver Biopsy. This is something the NHS lets us take for granted but successive governments since Margaret Thatcher bought herself into power have certainly not helped the NHS.

Everyone I spoke with was positive , pleasant , helpful and did a great job. They told me what would happen, what the possible side effects were , what the side effects probably would be, and this is what we pay for with out National Insurance and Taxes. The last three governments have made life difficult by siphoning that money off to private corporations and consultancies, the most high profile corporate leech being Richard Branson.

Anyway today I am recuperating, not supposed to be doing anything at all, and supposed to be enjoying taking the time to read and catch up TV and be in a fit state for work tomorrow. I should be thinking positive thoughts and enjoying a day to actually rest , although I naturally feel like I should be doing something (I have done washing up and cooked an omelette for lunch and eaten it)  so I haven't been completely idle.

Anyway I thought we'd have one of my favourite singers covering one of my favourite songs. Bryan Ferry covering The Velvet Underground's "What Goes On".

Have a great afternoon, even if you are still at work.

Sunday 15 January 2017


It's weird, over the last couple of months I seem to have less time to do what I want, often missing out on things so that I can have some me time to recuperate from the exertions of whatever I'm doing during the week. I haven't attended a gig since November and I've forgotten last time I met someone socially, the nearest being dropping in on my friend Krista at her KOTA place in the Grainger Market.

Tomorrow I go to the Freeman Hospital for a Liver Biopsy coincidentally the same day as a friend of mine is there for the start of his chemotherapy, hardly the best conditions for social interaction.

So what do I do , I set up another blog to give out free horse racing tips here. So I'm still looking for things to do, I'm also still trying to sort out recording possibilities with my set up, having discovered how to use the arpeggiator in GarageBand on the iPad, as well as catching up on TV and listening to music, at the moment "Queen" by Perfume Genius , followed by the stunning "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" by Pere Ubu , both stunning records.

I hope this doesn't sound as though I'm complaining, I am making plans to do things and will be definitely more active in the new year. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to sleep and had 30 hour days not taken up with 8 hours of work, but don't we all feel like that.

I'm lucky that work is a pleasant place to work with some brilliant people there, and they also do a great job that I am glad to be a part of.

So what temporally themed song should I choose "Time" by Pink Floyd or David Bowie? I will probably shock you by choosing Coldplay's "Clocks" but the Buena Vista Social Club version.

Have a lovely night my gorgeous friends.

Friday 13 January 2017

Friday 13th ... You Better Run, Rum, Run

 I really wanted to write something positive about the number thirteen. The thing is humans are conditions by society, parents , whatever to believe in superstitions. Single magpies, black cats , and lot's more.

I was thinking along the lines of a baker's dozen where an extra loaf was thrown in, in case one was not up to scratch.

There's a lot of reasons given why thirteen is bad, such as Judas being the thirteenth one at the Last Supper. But surely Jesus was the odd one out as he wasn't an apostle. We have twelve calendar months , but thirteen lunar months and the word lunatic is derived from Luna and the phases of the moon that brings out a change in certain people , not always for the better.

If you search the internet for "Lucky 13" you will come across albums by Bert Jansch and Neil Young although nothing about why 13 should be considered lucky.

Today is also Friday which is not deemed good for travel and combining it with 13 you have not a great omen for travel. Also it snowed today, so making it more likely that drivers would have an accident. Friday the 13th is also the name of a horror film series (here) and also it's the title of albums by The Damned, The Misfits and The Stranglers.

The song I will give you is "Run,Run,Run" , the opening track from "A Quick One" by The Whoabout all those reasonless supertitions, which I am sure you will identify with. Time for bed now, sleep well

Bruce and Zlatan

I've just finished reading "I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic" his autobiography co written with another guy, and have now started Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run". The style of writing in a universe apart, Ibrahimovic is not the best at expressing himself, whereas Springsteen, as we know from his song is a master with words. However, they both share an incredible love of cars (Zlatan - Ferrari, Bruce - Cadillac) , and more importantly they both keep you interested and wanting to hear what happens next.

Thinking about it I know I will read and finish Bruce's book , book Zlatan's is 330 pages of quite small print, which, once I got into it kept my attention until the end, so the biggest success, in my eyes is "I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic". I would recommend both books even if you don't like football or music.

I'd have both of them in my house or go for a drink with them.

Anyway I've woken up to snow, and today is my last day of work before my liver biopsy , and given that there are so many Bruce Springsteen songs to choose from, there are many I could call my favourite, but Cadillac Ranch from "The River" (the title track of which was written about his sister and her husband) is the one I am going to go for.

Wrap up, keep warm, and it's Friday , so have a wonderful day my friends.

Wednesday 11 January 2017

The Sound of Guns

I was up at 3 o clock this morning , there were bins in the middle of the road and mine and my neighbour's had blown over, so I got up and moved the bins off the road. The bin lorry still hasn't turned up, but obviously once emptied, they need putting somewhere safe fairly quickly. The wind doesn't seem to be letting up , and there's apparently snow on the way.

Last night I was absolutely shattered so was in bed at 8 O' Clock so I've had a good nights sleep though  I had some weird dreams which like most dreams have completely disappeared from my mind. They were not good dreams though. I noticed on Facebook my eldest daughter had woken from a nightmare so a bit of family synchronicity there.

This week I am having a number of hospital visits prior to a liver biopsy next week,  before a weekend in Whitby at the end of the month. The needle they use for the biopsy s fairly hefty piece of kit but the do anesthetize the spot.

Anyway sorry this is just rambling about nothing interesting, but I will leave you with a brilliant uplifting video from Turbolenza featuring music by the excellent but now defunct The Sound of Guns (Sometimes and Alcatraz).

Have a good day my friends.

Saturday 7 January 2017

Kindle In The Bag of A Rabbit With Wires

That's the end of the first week at work in the new year and Preston North End have been edged out of the FA Cup by the not very mighty Arsenal,. It was similar to the Newcastle match , we should have buried them in the first half but we don't have a reliable striker. Newcastle had Mitrovic , Arsenal had Giroud, but Preston made their opponents look second best on the pitch (unlike the disaster at St James' Park). It's Saturday night and I haven't posted since Monday so thought I had best get something down.

My phone's Bluetooth still causes settings to stop, so I'm forced to use wired headphones. However the ones I have although foldable , and sound OK , are still really too big for my pocket. I really do need to look for something a little smaller, so I will do that after I post this.

I visited RPM and bought Charlemagne: The Omens of Death , a heavy metal album by Christopher Lee on Vinyl. I then visited my friend Krista in KOTA and The Long Play Cafe in The Grainger Market and told them about Christopher Lee's Heavy Metal forays , and example of which is here.

I was surprised that they were unaware of this facet of the great man's art. I've included "The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream" by Rhapsody featuring the great man on vocals.

Good night my friends.

Tuesday 3 January 2017

What Goes On? ... Back To Work

Today is the first day back at work after the Christmas break and my mind is very confused. You are suddenly cast from a world in which you call the shots  back into the world where the employer and money men call the shots. I wanted to lie in bed, I wasn't sure what day it was , or what time it was or what needed to be done. There's still a sinkful of washing up , but that can wait until I get home.

I think really what I need to do is to get myself out more when out of work, but it is so convenient to watch my recorded films at home where it's nice and warm , and I can go to bed when I want, only to hit the rude awakening of another day at work.

It's not that I hate work, I just hate that it stops me from doing what I want. If I could socialise and do things during the day the rest at night, I would totally love that, but just at the moment work provides me with the ability to do what I want at weekends and at night.

I think lots of people will feel the same, but I am going to be positive about this. It is wet outside and it's a new day, a new month and a new year, with new things to do, new opportunities to take and new avenues to explore.

Anyway what should we play to kickstart the new work year? "What Goes On" by The Velvet Underground , that's what we'll play , five minutes of total brilliance that anyone can play, and when we ask "What Goes On?" , we go on , the greater things.

Have a great day my friends.

Sunday 1 January 2017

Remember Then ...

... one your biggest problems at New Year was remembering to date your cheques with the new year. It's amazing how in such a short period of time technological advances have made cheques virtually redundant. Barclays did something recently were you could photograph the cheque and send that electronically, but that was just a more complex way of doing normal electronic transactions, while making it more open to fraud. I'm not sure it caught on.

Anyway just one of the ways that life has improved, we have simpler ways of spending money but less of it to spend.

I'm just writing this here because it came to mind, and well , I am just about to crawl into bed. We've got a full day of football tomorrow so hope you have got some fun to be had too.

It's also an excuse to play "Remember Then" by Sha Na Na . I can't believe that I have never included them before, they appeared at Woodstock (I have "At The Hop" on the soundtrack album) and in the film Grease, and I had a couple of their albums in my teens which I didn't replace on CD, although I do have an huge rock and roll section in my collection

Anyway it's time for bed and we don't go back to work til Tuesday

Kick Off 2017 With Hope In Your Heart

Right, this is just a short post, looking forward to 2017 delivering some great things for us all. There were a lot of good things happened in 2016 , but also a lot of dreadful things. We need to try and make sure the dreadful things don't happen this year and try and make good things happen. My dad always said about gardens (I know this a majorly tangential reference) , if you plant enough flowers then the weeds won't get a chance to grow, and we should use that analogy with the good that we do in 2017. If you do lots of good then the bad will start to fade.

That is very simplistic but too many people make themselves miserable by concentrating on bad events and bad things. That is not to demonize the people who are genuinely fighting awful situations, but some people will go overboard based on any Daily Mail or Sun headline. Those sorts really need to adjust their outlook but they won't be reading this. It's pity to mention such loathsome rags in a forward looking post, but they are the biggest selling "newspapers" in the UK , which doesn't say much for the general public.

The song I will choose to kick off is "Good Morning Britain" by Aztec Camera and Mick Jones , 27 years old but perfect for today. And I have to include "The News" by Carbon/Silicon (Mick Jones again) , one of the most positive songs you will ever here. Play these as you read the post and you will probably want to have them in your collection.

Happy New Year everyone ... Go Out and Make Your 2017 Great!!!