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Sunday 13 April 2014

Will It Go Round In Cirlcles?

Number One
I have just been into Newcastle to dispose of an awful Alcatel Tribe phone, donated it via CEX to a Muscular Dystrophy charity, then on the way to Waitrose I dropped in a Windows Record Shop in the Central Arcade.

They're all ready for National Record Store Day, but something I've noticed with them and other record shops in the town is that the amount and range of vinyl on sale is increasing in a big way. In another year or so vinyl may actually be elbowing out CD. Thanks to them I found this Charts page. I can't say I've looked at a music chart for a long time, but at the time of posting it's nice to see the Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey at number one.

I suppose this is one of those situation that demonstrates that sometimes things can be very cyclical, although I suppose the sale of music started with busking , the paper, then vinyl then tape, then CD , then they tried DAT and Minidisc, then you had digital, and now we have the return of vinyl. Live music will always be with us as well. I was thinking of this when I left Windows and saw their husge vinyl window display which made me think of Billy Preston's "Will It Go Round In Circles" so that's going to be the music for today.

So if you have any weekend left enjoy it , we have Easter coming so for a lot of us it's only a four day week. Which is good

Saturday 16 February 2013

Pause For A Hoarse Horse

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I nicked the title for this post from a seventies album by the band Home, which you can sample here . This is going to be a short post just about the whole kerfuffle of Findus Beef Lasagne and Tesco's burgers being contaminated with "horse meat". It's not poison !!

How often have you be so hungry you could eat a "scabby horse between two bread vans" ? When you go to a restaurant and order steak , you just expect beef , but it could really be any meat and the vendor would not be done under the trade descriptions act.

There's talk of criminal activity and nefarious dealings but the basic facts are that beef costs ten times as much as horse , and let's face it , when it's minced it becomes even further removed from the source animal. Also it's the risk and price you pay for eating ready meals and convenience foods.

It really isnt that difficult to make meals fronm scratch. Get meat from your local butcher (NOT Morrison's Market Street or Waitrose Meat Counter) , support your local butcher . The meat will be local , and visible and trustworthy . And you will probably find it's a lot cheaper.

Also did you know that supermakets plump up their bacon by injecting it with water , which means when you cook it , it shrinks to about a tenth of the original size you thought your were getting.

Anyway I still can't get over the media and gullible public's reaction to this . I'm surprised David Cameron hasn't applauded them on the meat suppliers cost cutting initiative ,I mean he expecte deveryone else to do it. But the Mail and Express et al continue on about the scandal . I mean it's not like we're eating Soylent Green ...... yet 

Sunday 17 July 2011

The Road To TV Dinners

You know I'm bored if I'm writing about food . I have no time for TV Celebrity Chefs bar Heston Blumenthal . But I tend to make stuff from tins , and fresh / wrapped product . There's no TV dinners in the fridge as basically they taste rubbish and are full of anything but food.

Hate buying fresh stuff from supermmarkets as they bully farmers into accepting low prices and penalise farmers if stuff doesnt sell. I use the Grainger Market in Newcastle when I can and small local shops , which Tesco and Sainsburys are doing their best to extinguish with the influx of Tesco Extra , Tesco Express and Sainsbury Local shops. Hell there's even one in Central Station in Newcastle.

 I detest when you see a street that consists of a Greggs , Subway , Tesco , Sainsburys  , that is such a downer .

Anyway the point of this was that I was using a supermarket yesterday (Morrisons) and was gonna get some cheese to grate . 400g of  cheese was £2.15 , but 2 x 200g  of grated Cheese was only £2. So I bought the ready grated stuff. How long before I buty a ready meal ??

Having said that I still dont have a microwave!!