Monday 30 June 2014

Hospital Time

Well went in today, had two ECGs , heart rate was slow in the afternoon , but given that I had been lying still for a long time after the biopsy I didn't think that was too surprising, and neither did the doc though he did and extra ECG to make sure all was ok.

The worst part was having to spend nearly six hours on a bed not moving for ANY reason, even when they kept giving me cups of tea, by the way wee is quite heavy in those cardboard containers ....

Still caught up on TV and couple of TED talks and got in some reading.

Apart from the lump of liver they also took a hell of a lot of blood so could explain why I'm feeling a little tired.

All's I can say is that everyone today has been brilliant, there was no pain, little discomfort, and only a bit of blood was spilled. I am now going to go to sleep and will be working from home tomorrow while I get my strength back.

The NHS is totally brilliant, a shining beacon that shows how a country should look after it's population. Thought I'd include a little of the excellent Midnight Oil, just because they're Australian, brilliant, and I can.

Sunday 29 June 2014


Grainger Market, Newcastle
Yesterday I was in the Grainger Market getting fruit and stuff for the week, and for some reason picked up a couple of grapefruit (or should that be grapefruits?). My mum reckoned that Grapefruit "burned fat" but that was the 1960s , I think that was because they don't taste sweet.

Anyway put 'em in the fridge and had one this morning , had forgotten just how gorgeous and refreshing they are. I will be buying more I think on my future visits. Apparently Michael Eavis (Glastonbury head guy) eats a whole one every day according to Elbow's Guy Garvey, and he certainly looks extremely well on it.

Well I may try and mow the lawn in cage a deluge appears , and need to do it today as I won't be up to it after the liver biopsy (lifting the lawmower up and down steps not a great idea after the op), and hopefully have a relaxing afternoon . Hope all my friends who are moving or have moved have settled in and are having a brilliant weekend , same goes for all my friends.

Saturday 28 June 2014

Jack The Barber

Jacks Frontage

Needed a haircut today, and my favourite barbers is Newcastle is Jack's near Central Station. The last couple of times they've been packed , but I got in today.

Vintage Hairdryer
The decor is great and the crack is good , always great fun whoever is in . Claire sorted me out today, but Lloyd the owner was also dealing with a Canadian guy and everyone was engaged in conversation and laughs including why German soldiers are en masse requiring breast reduction operations. Very amusing and also it's a great laugh.

Blood Letting Dish
They have some great stuff in there and it's a nice place to be while you are waiting for your trim.

Anyway an excellent day, but I told Claire I would blog about how good the shop is so here it is.
Jack's Fan

Jack's Gargoyle

Jack's Library

Maybe the first song that comes to mind is monster riff from Beck that he lifted from the Troggs. Both songs on hear so you can listen to both. Beck did credit the Troggs on his record.

The Weekend Is Here Again ... And The Festivals Are Here

Glastonbury Tor
I watched some of Glastonbury last night and was impressed with Blondie and Elbow, but it really is just a huge corporate splurge. The music is an irrelevance and I bet very few of the goers even thing of visiting the town or know of the Tor. If you go you should visit the Tor a pyramidal hill on a flat plain with amazing views.

Tor Tower
Tor Tower
Glastonbury Revisited by The Cosmic Rough Riders is my favourite song that mentions Glastonbury, a perfect Festival song.

When we went we got to the top then noticed a local running up, when he reached the top he stood on his head for a couple of minutes and the ran away. When we descended we found signs barring people from entering the field due to the Foot and Mouth epidemic at the time.

View from the Tor
  Well two of my festivals will be Mouth of Tyne and Corbridge , but this weekend in Newcastle there's the Tea and Cake Planet event , which could be worth a visit.

View From The Tor

View from the Tor

Yesterday I had some great chats with people about the horrors of giving presentations to unreceptive audiences and the joys of finding and talking about antique furniture. It's amazing that if you talk to the right person to can talk with them for ages and it seems like two minutes have gone and you have learned lots and had your interest stimulated greatly.

Anyway that's it for today, I'm gonna have to get off in to the wide blue yonder , in a great mood ....

Sunday 22 June 2014

The Day After The Longest Day

This is where the pessimists start saying it's all downhill from here , the days are getting shorter , it'll soon be winter and we haven't had a summer. Well in my opinion we have had great weather just like 2013 , I'm enjoying this great weather , we are having a great summer , and there is lot's of good stuff happening.
Big Country

I'm particularly looking forward to the Corbridge Festival which features Big Country , Bessie and the Zinc Buckets and the Ska-Toons among others , that's on the 12th of July, and the same weekend features the Mouth Of Tyne festival, admittedly I'm not too enamoured with the Brand New Heavies and Toploader but we do have the Neville Staple Band. Then we have Summertyne the following week with lot's of Americana going on.

SO we have all this music , and this without even touching on the main music venues in the area which I have eulogised in previous posts.

So really there is loads to do and enjoy and lots of it is free , you just have to make the effore to get there, and luckily Tyneside has a brilliant public transport system.

S0 enjoy the summer , it's going to be totally great!

Saturday 21 June 2014

The Longest Day 2014

Summer Solstice Stonehenge
Well today is the longest day , the summer solstice and we've had a lot of sun, and it's been hot. There have been celebrations throughout the country and it's nice it's been on a weekend so people can make the most of the extra daylight.

Although it's close to 11 pm and the sky is quite dark, so I can't take a photograph. I started the weekend off with a great gig and today I mowed the lawn , so I'm now taking it easy for the rest of the weekend.

Hope you have all had a great day and enjoy a similar day tomorrow.

Friday 20 June 2014

Sunshirony, Bad Pollyanna and The NHS

Yes it's a made up word , but the sun outside is gorgeous and tonight I'm on a solo flight to see three Goth bands including the wonderful Bad Pollyanna  at Think Tank in Newcastle. I didn't realise they were from this sceptered isle!  I'd originally planned to get there about 9 , but the band posted on Facebook that they were coming on at 7:15 so lucky I checked  and thank you for that Bad Pollyanna.

This week has been absolutely mental and I didn't know whether I would get through today in one piece or without causing major damage, but I think that workwise it has come through fairly successfully working with some really nice people, despite being at home.

My liver biopsy has been postponed because I didn't notice that really important point on page five of the letter that I was sent (I should have stopped taking aspirin at the start of the week) , hopefully I will remember for any other similar things , but thank God I can have a little moan about that , rather than being in the USA and wondering if I can afford it. Michael Moore's Sicko is a very worrying piece but one you should watch. This is what the Tories want in this country, they are trying to destroy the NHS by outsourcing services to their cronies who bleed the NHS and then the government tells us that we cant afford so we have to privatise it. Rant over, have a great night , the weekend starts here

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Work Less Play More

This is just from a few things that I've seen and talked about today. The title was on a traveling case and really is a good philosophy for anyone who wants to be happy. And it fell in with a discussion about the past and future and the economy, and how we were going to have cities on Mars by the turn of this century (the year 2000) , and we would be working 20 hour weeks and have so much disposable income life would be incredible and we'd all be happy.

Well that's not quite the way it's turned out but there are certain things that are still rather incredible, like the fact that you can be in touch with someone wherever you both are in the world, and we have so much entertainment now in the form of music , books , radio, film and tv as well has now having the huge information resource that is the world wide web.

Although the worrying bit it the growing gap between the rich and poor , but that's for another post, here I just want to concentrate on the stuff that is good.

I was surprised to here CeeLo Green's "Fuck You" (the normal version) playing in the Eldon on of those really catchy song with an unbroadcastable tag line a bit in the mode of the Rolling Stones StarStar (guess what the Second Star stands for).

Anyway it's time for bed, hope you are all good, and enjoy the rest of your night / day / week , and play more and work less.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Middle Of The Night

I've not been too prolific lately with this and there's lot's going on like The World Cup in Brazil and other things. Work has been interesting and today , well later on today it's Fathers day.

I've just watch the excellent documentary cum whodunnit Searching For Sugarman  about the singer Rodriguez which is really a brilliant true life fairytale that anyone with an interest in music should watch. I won't say anything in case you don't know the story but it really is an uplifting must watch film. I've the his albums for ages on the recommendation of a good friend but it's taken me this long to get round to watching the film.

Anyway it's time I went to bed 

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Let's Not Be L7

We've had a monsoon like downpour and the Chrisopher Lee video I put up on this blog is still there, so it's not come to the attention of the copyright police although has had a healthy number of views (double my normal number for a page).

It's sad that we lost Rik Mayall, a great comedian although we are being swamped by tributes for him , but the guy was younger than me, and he was working up to his death . We will remember all his good stuff and thanks to the digital age we can still engage with this on a daily basis. His legacy is there for all.

The title of the post is from a line in Sam The Sham's song Wooly Bully , and it was representation picked up for the name of the excellent L7.

Anyway time for work now so have a good day.

Saturday 7 June 2014

That Christopher Lee Video

Get Christopher Lee In The Charts
This is a short piece about the slide show I did for Christoper Lee's great version of "My Way". He has produced a couple of  heavy metal albums and can be purchased from Amazon here. The production is excellent and his voice carry's the authority you would expect , not exactly singing, but brilliant none the less.

I think it would be wonderful to get Christopher Lee into the charts so please tell your friends about this, and please buy the record, you will not be disappointed.

When it was pulled from Youtube it had had more that 8,000 views in less than a day, I found this out when I saw my feed on my smart TV.

We hare having monsoon like rain at the moment , but luckily I mowed the lawn this morning, so enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

Oh And I backed the winner in the Epsom Derby, Australia so that's a nice extra £30 profit for a change for me.

I looked at this from another PC and the video is hosted on Youtube, which means it will probably be removed in the next 24 hours. If not great , if it is I'll see what my options are next.

Thursday 5 June 2014

Whitby Jet

Going To Whitby
The weathjer has been a bit rainy over the last couple of days , but that didnt stop us taking the steam train from Pickering to Whitby on Tuesday. The cost of the journey has gone up significantly since we last made it , but it was still worth it as it is privately funded. It's an enjoyable one including one section over a 40 foor deep bog where the railway line floats on wattle and wool rafy pontoons. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway's website is here .

Two Trains
It's not the fastest journey and you can forget about a mobile phone signal, but is extremely relaxing.

Whitby was brilliant as always , lunching in The Magpie Cafe and not finishing it again (quality and quantity), then visits to Folk Devils and the still unnamed record shop in The Shambles.

Becasue of the train times it was quite a long day but thoroughly enjoyable.

Monday 2 June 2014

First Things Thirsk

St Mary's Church , Thirsk
I always thought Thirsk was a place in Scotland , I think it sounds Scottish, but Scotland appears to have no place called Thirsk within it's borders. I think I once visited it briefly, years ago, but that was it. Today I decided to go just because it's close and I keep bypassing it on the way to Ampleforth and Whitby.

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the place. I entered by the one way system and parked up, expecting to be charged a great deal , but no £2.40 for the full day , so that was a great start. Then a brief walk to the centre where there was more parking , but that would have been a little more awkward.

Then there was The Three Tuns , and excellent Wetherspoons refurbishment although the decor seemed to be horse racing based (not surprising given the proximity of the racecourse) though the name refers to (beer) barrels. There was also a Ladbrokes, a William Hills and a Betfred on the main square which in my opinion is not usually a sign of a well to do area, but again given the proximity of the racecourse maybe not too surprising.

The first place I tried was the excellent White Rose Book Cafe where I had a very nice scone and tea and bought some holiday presents and brilliant birthday cards. That was a great start to Thirsk.

Then it was a pleasant walk tound before visiting the Black Lion Bistro which is extremely pleasant , has a great menu and drinks selection and a wonderfully warm welcome. Highly recommended.

On the way I out we went into The Three Tuns which was excellently appointed as you normally find with Wetherspoons pubs.

The only slight problem is that it's a one way system into Thirsk and it's not all that easy getting back out, reminding me of sleeve liner notes to the  Blue Oyster Cult's Imaginos.

But really if you are near Thirsk it is well worth visiting.

It's Monday, You're At Work and I'm Not

As you may have gathered I am being self indulgent for a change, although maybe posting to a blog is being very self indulgent because I am feeling so self important that people will deign to take the time to read and digest what I have to write.

Metal Knight
I am still smarting a little over the Christopher Lee incident where my slideshow was removed from Youtube after gaining almost five thousand view in the first day. Charlemagne Productions said they were really sorry but it was Youtube's copyright mechanism that removed (saying they'd recieved a complaint for Charlemagne Productions).

The reason was that I'd used Christopher Lee's version of "My Way" for the soundtracked and was shocked at how good it was and felt it had to be shared. Usually Youtube just leave the video but don't allow it to be public. Then in the future it may be allowed back, this was a straight delete.

Anyway I have an idea of how to get it back on but will see how that progresses. Anyway I'm back to doing nothing and relaxing. So hence the Bing Crosby song.

Sunday 1 June 2014

My Seven Day Weekend

Last June I did 35 posts , more than 1 a day. This June that's unlikely, but I will still be posting, and hopefully will have a few this week. Yesterday I ate at Scotts of Helmsley , just the standard fish and chips. I thought the portion looked a bit skimpy but didn't by the time I had finished, full and with great service and I would recommend them to anyone who is in the area for any reason. Helmsley is slightly odd in that I've been visiting for years and in all that time it has never had a chemist, which odd for such a big village.

Anyway I could tell you what I'm going to be up to but that would spoil it for when I actually post what I've done and where I've been (which does sound a bit ominous but it's not honestly).

Well this is the first post of this month and the weather is really nice , I've posted pictures on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook so you can look there.

So everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend I have a seven day one this week so that's why I have the New York Dolls on this post!