Friday 17 June 2022

The Design Is Still Dark

I am still on "The Dark Design" is Book III in the Riverworld Series by Philip Jose Farmer,, it is 450 pages and I have just passed three hundred but as you know I am a very slow reader. There are airships , reiverboats and a lot more to keep you spellbound and occupied.

So musically because Mark Twain is involved going to choose "Tom Sawyer" by Rush.

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year in the UK and my phone is showing 24 degrees Centigrade which I think is 80 degrees Fahrenheit if my calculations are correct, but this is not Texas.

I am using my Amazon Kindle to play Backgammon when  I want to waste some time and after enjoying Wordle my friends Dharrsheena recommended I tried Weaver which I also find entertaining, from a concept by Lewis Carrol and you can play it here.

Mike Singleton - Vocal Stories

I am not sure if you are aware of my writing on Vocal but these are a few of my stories if you would like to sample them:

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  4. An Owl In A Towel - A Beautiful Book by Lesley and Cheryl
  5. Three Reasons Why I Love Settle - Scaleber Force, The Hoffman Kiln and Castlebergh Crag
  6. The Accidental Book - Helping a Great Vocal Friend Resulted In Me Publishing My First Book
  7. Call Me Les - A Great Friend and An Amazing Writer