Sunday 11 September 2022

Into The Realm Of Swords

 I have "The Magic Labyrinth" in the "Riverworld" series and although it was a bit of a slog it was a good read, but I am taking a break from "Riverworld" now. Although this was originally a four-book series it does finish on a cliffhanger and there is then "Gods of Riverworld" to follow it up, but that is another day.

I am impressed with "Rings of Power" and have revisited one of my favourite Michel Moorcock series "The Swords of Corum" and am almost finished  "The Knight Of The Swords" and finding it remarkably easy to read. It is a wonderful fantasy with love, violence and some incredible imagery, some people describe Moorcock as the greatest fantasy author since Tolkien though there are many who could claim that mantle.

This is the first of six books and I know this will be an easy twelve hundred pages for me to read.

I also found out that my American Amazon Author page has a feed from this blog which you can see here. It only shows on the .com site but not others. C'est La Vie.

Music is "Black Blade" by The Blue Oyster Cult and co-written by Michael Moorcock.

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