Saturday 31 May 2014

Pressure Drop

The first full day of the holiday in Ampleforth , staying at the same place sadly for the last time. This is it here.

That's the only slight cloud, but got here , had a meal at The White Horse, then put the radio on and the first song on was Toots and The Maytals - Pressure Drop, sort of an appropriate sentiment for a holiday.

One of the things about going holiday is you take various things to entertain you , and to save space and for convenience I packed my Sumvision Cyclone media player to watch Breaking Bad and The Wire which I stuck onto a memory stick. Got here and found I'd forgor the remote control. Hoped ther would be a smartphone app, but can't find one , but I can play them on the laptop and connect it to the TV via HDMI cable so all is good. It's amazing that no matter how well you plan a momntary lapse can stick a spanner in the works, although a little thought can then provide a solution.

As I got out of the car I saw this sign on a lamp post over the road. It's good
Found Cat
to see people looking out for other's pets. It restores your faith in people if only a little bit.

One thing about Ampleforth is that everyone is friiendly, and you have everything you need to hand, even if you don't have a car.

There's great places within a couple of miles walk and the countryside is lovely. Whether I'd think the same if the weather was bad , or I lived here permanently is a different matter, because you start to take things for granted and the familiar becomes mundane, but I am hoping to get back here one more time before October.

Anyway it's the last day of May 2014, and will soon be time for bed. Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday 26 May 2014

Monday Morning , Tony , Walt , Journey and Badfinger

Most Monday mornings are a pain. Today's, for me , is different. First of all its sunny after a grey and drab weekend weather wise (although that was the only downer so to speak) , Then I should be on the radio this afternoon in about nine and a half hours on the Steve Lamacq Show ( BBC Radio 6 at 4 PM GMT) and because it's a Bank Holiday I have the day to myself, and at the end of the week I'm off on holiday to Ampleforth for a week.

So for a change it's not a Stormy Monday or Blue Monday , but for me it's a good Monday. I have sympathy for everyone who has had to work today and am thinking about some friends who are having to deal with not good situations which I know they will come through so really, I am feeling positive today and everything is pointing towards a good day and a good week.

Yesterday I got some albums including a Badfinger compilation that contains the final song from the Breaking Bad TV series. I'm not sure whether it can match up to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"  in the closing scene of the Sopranos but  I shall see, the album is full of great song , and I shall be working through Breaking Bad when on holiday next week, I'm half way through series two at the moment , so a way to go before I get to hear "Baby Blue". I am tempted to put it on here as I know, for me it will be out of context to hardly a spoiler for me.

OK I just watched , and it is good and I will now purge it from mind...... Have a great Bank Holiday Monday Everyone

Saturday 24 May 2014

Here Comes The Weekend

Well the skies are grey but it's a three day weekend with lots of things happening , including me doing Good Day / Bad Day on Steve Lamacq's show on Radio 6 on Monday.

Also I've finally got my guitar , iPad and Alesis dock working so hope to be able to put some more music down assuming Garageband wants to play.

The rain is well and truly here with a vengeance but that just means that the garden is getting watered.

I've got my ticket to see the Eagulls in October at the Cluny with my friend Gillian. But even better, last night saw my mate Tom Tierney for the first time in ages who was effusing about the new Wolfenstein game and on absolutely top form. He told me about the version of The House Of The rising Sun in the game which I've included here, what if the Nazis had won?

Anyway enjoy the rest of the weekend fmy friends

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Sunny With A Forecast Of Rain

The great weather is continuing but they're forecasting heavy showers. The thing is we need rain to keep things growing. Last year a lot of the rain fell at night in my area, followed by clear days. This year we have had some torrential downpours but mainly during the working week, while weekends , especially holiday weekend have been sunny, so it's a case of so far so good.

So essentially I'm going to enjoy this weather and not going to consider it breaking. I carry an umbrella sometimes if I'm going somewhere wearing a suit whatever the weather, it's a bit like a spare tire, you hope to don't need it , but it's great to have if you do need it.

This morning the sky is looking grey so we may get rain today but I'm fine with that.

We have another Bank Holiday Weekend coming up and I could easily get used to a four day week. I thought the TED talk above was appropriate , and think we need to action this sort of thing to make our living areas a much better place.

Anyway I hope you all have a brilliant day, I certainly will do.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Sun Daze, Madchester and The Heed

A Corner Of The Garden
Well it's Sunday, eight ante meridian or thereabouts and its another gorgeous day. The garden has been done so today can be fairly relaxed , just to enjoy the weather. It's May and it looks like summer is here. Who knows it may even be party time.

I always find that sunny weather does uplift you , although if it was like that all the time would I really appreciate it? May thats why my friends in New Zealand and Australia are always so upbeat generally, while people form Manchester (where always rains) tend to be miserable (only joking , though Oasis, Happy Mondays and Joy Division while producing some great music are not the sort of people you would want to spend any time with, although John Cooper Clarke is great fun but he's from Salford). Though it's funny how a simple thought on what a nice day it is can digress into thoughts on the Madchester phenomenon.

Oh the other good news is that Gateshead are in the Conference Play Off Final against Cambridge, so that's one team that the whole of the North East will be behind today, hopefully they will be back in the league after an absence of 50 years. Theres a big do on at The Black Bull and the scenes will be incredible when Gateshead do the business. OK so I now got sidetracked into football, as you may realise I can get easily led astray! But here's a song for The Heed from the magnificent Rezillos.

Anyway I hope everyone is having a great weekend and taking advantage of this lovely weather. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Friday 16 May 2014

What A Perfect Waste Of Time

I know I've not been exactly proliferate and profligate with my posts recently , mainly because I've been very busy with things, but I needed a reason to post this beauty from Elbow's latest album , and took the refrain from it as the title of the post.

Yes it is a perfect waste of time , four minutes or so  orf a lovely song that everyone should love.

It is Friday again, and the weather here is beautiful, so I will hopefully have a totally relaxing weekend.

This week has been spent working , traveling , including London yesterday and doing some catch up TV including the excellent Telstar: The Joe Meek story , which was funny and tragic.

Anyway I feel I'm outstaying my welcome here , as I really don't have much to say today, not because there's anything amiss , but it's just been one of those weeks. I suppose May is going to be the first month this year in which the number of posts I do drops from last year, although it should be about quality not quantity.

It's easy to let the words just flow at times , but other times there's a bit of a brick wall. But anyway I'll include the trailer for Telstar, as it is and excellent film. So have a great weekend everybody, I certainly will.

Sunday 11 May 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Well I hope all the mums out there have had a brilliant day and been treated and pampered by their children. Lots of my friends are mums and it seems a lot have been spending the day doing housework and like.

It's quite amusing that the image was uploading was in jfif format so it said , and the blogger wouldn't upload it, so I just renamed it and it happily uploaded the file, so it seems like it's just the naming convention that stops it from being uploaded.

Weatherwise we have had grey skies , blue skies , sunshine , hailstorms and monsoon like rain , all in the same day. I was out without an umbrella but managed to dodge the showers by just waiting for the next five minute spell of sunshine  So anyway this is just a very short post and I'm sure you have all got your Mother's Day Presents, so have a fantastic rest of the day every one. There's only one song I can think of for this post originally by Crowded House , but this version performed by Neil Finn and Paul Kelly.

Saturday 10 May 2014

Some Days

Some days you just can't seem to get out of first gear. Today has been one of those days. There's things I tend to do on a weekend but have just not been able to get motivated to actually do anything. Though having said that I have gone into town and was disturbed by a huge Nazi rally in the centre of Newcatstle.

I then went down into the Monument Metro and there was an old guy sort of busking. He sank Perry Como's "Catch A Falling Star", Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" and Dean Martin's "Little Old Wine Drinker Me" in a very pleasant melodic Geordie burr to recorded accompaniment.. The only problem was the timing of his songs and the timing of his accompaniment were completely out of sync. If he had been unaccompanied it would have been technically better, but ....

... on the station platform everyone was talking about with a smile on their faces, this guy was raising money for charity and putting a smile on everyone's face including mine. He was cheering everyone up and bringing lots of happiness to a grey day in Newcastle, especiall considering the idiocy that was happening above.

Anyway I went over to Gateshead to The Doll At The Black Bull to see if I could sort out why their website was juts showing advertisements. I couldn't find a real reason for it but it was working when I left . It's here , and I hope it works for you.

Anthony Moore
Anyway despite this potentially being a waste of a day, it turns out lots of good came out of it, and at the end of the day I'm quietly satisfied with my small contribution to the world. Hope you all sleep well. The music I was going to choose was Anthony Moore's take on Perry Como's "Catch A Falling Star" but it;s not on Youtube yet, so I chose "Judy Get Down" which is another song I love.

 I remember years ago when Bryan Ferry was asked his opinion on Cockney Rebel's "Judy Teen" he said he preferred the Perry Como version. How cruel ... and funny.

Thursday 8 May 2014

Virgin On The Ridiculous.

Two years ago I did a post a day in May, this May I've posted virtually nothing.  Things are still happening but today my time has just been eaten up with work and a getting a new TV device and router installed by Virgin, followed by a quick trip into town, which became not so quick , and it was raining , but c'est la vie.

We are all resistant to change, though I like to think I'm open to it, whether it's a new job , new bus route , new phone or whatever, but with the installation of the TIVO I was thinking I'm going to have to learn how to use it, and like a typical man haven't bothered with the manual, the writings to small anyway. I looked at the online and discovered it has an Ethernet cable which means I can connect it to my network but I'm not sure what that will let me do.

Anyway this gets me into the thing where once you take the plunge to do something new, there's usually no going back and sometimes it's only taking that first step that gets to into another world of possiblilities.

That sounds grandiose , but it isnt . I got a TIVO box because it will save me £15 a month on my TV outgoings, as well as increasing my storage capacity by 200% as well as yet undreamt of extras.

Anyway it's good if you can do new things, and I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity, so I've done a post about something not too interesting but , I thought I'd let you know. Have a great night everyone.

Included the Noah and The Whale song cos I've always loved it and it has lovely sentiments.

Sunday 4 May 2014

Never Mind We Still We Have The Buzzcocks

Yesterday the weather was bight and sunny , today it's grey and wet. For some reason I decided to mow the lawn yesterday (which is looking a bit worse for wear but hopefully it will pick up with the lawn repair I've applied) , and to touch up the decking. It's amazing how many spots I'd apparently missed. The main thing is that it is all done.
The Line Up

It's amazing how good weather and sunshine raises the spirit , but grey skies and rain can literally dampen the spirits as well as your epidermis! But on the upside it is the middle of the bank holiday and there are lots of musical options on offer this weekend including the big punk all dayer at the Newcastle O2 Academy headlined by the Buzzcocks which will be my choice. On the bill are a local ska band Too Spicy who I first saw at the Green Festival, so definitely looking forward to getting along to that.

Thursday 1 May 2014

May Day, Sting, Wallsend and The Buzzcocks

Well the next bank holiday is fast approaching and hopefully I'll be going to see the Buzzcocks and various other bands this weekend. This gives me an excuse to attach (again) my favourite Buzzcocks song which is probably not what you would expect, well actually I have two favourite Buzzcocks songs , one very short and one very long, Love You More under two minutes and Why Can't I Touch It over six minutes both on the Singles Going Steady album.

Sting on Spoons - and looks like Jess McD behind him but it's actually Jo Lawry
This week I watched When The Last Ship Sails by Sting , based on where he grew up (Wallsend), and was very impressed by many bits of it, especially the songs "Underground River (Language of Birds)" and "Shipyard", and Sting also displayed a sense of humour and played spoons on a number of songs!

I'm certainly looking forward to the play when it comes out, but Underground River gets better every time I hear it.

As it's May Day , Labour Day and the like , we should keep the Red Flag flying, and hopefully this current government will be kicked out on their arses, but anyway have a great day , enjoy yourself , put a smile on your face and keep on being happy.