Saturday 31 October 2015

Trick or Treat? I'd Rather Celebrate Samhain - #34 - 1990 - KLF - What Time Is Love?

Celebrate Samhain
It's Saturday and it's been a good week, but today is Halloween or Samhain depending on yuor viewpoint or religious or non religious religious. I do detest the commercialisation of the whole thing where plastic bats and witches costumes seem to be the norm , and the whole American  idea of threatening somebody is little more that preparatory gangsterism , Give me something or I will do something bad to you. Tonight I will get teenagers not even dressed up coming demanding stuff, and of course I will have tubs of sweets because I don't really want to find out what the malicious little imps will do. The reality is that is it's an excuse to dress up and collect free sweets , although about ten years back we were burgled on Halloween.

Samhain means Summers End so is probably the most appropriate description for today , and the best
way to celebrate.

Anyway enjoy the night in whatever way you see fit . I will be watching Preston North End play Bolton and jump into Australia versus the All Blacks for the Rugby World Cup Final, so that's my night sorted , though I would welcome any Pagan's or Druids round for a drink if you are reading this and know where I live.

Anyway into year 34 of the Musical Odyssey and we hit 1990. The year the KLF released the awesome White Room. This is an excuse to play the excellent "What Time Is Love? Amerika" which was a thunderous revamp of the already amazing version on the album.

So enjoy Saturday , Samhain, Halloween and the Rugby World Cup Final. It promises to be an amazing day my friends.

Some people have asked who Lee his (Good Evening Lee) . Lee is a great friend who live in Japan doing translating stuff I believe , and lives near to Mount Fuji . We worked together at the PPA in the early 90s around the time of the KLF and reconnected of Facebook a feww months back. Facebook does sometimes throw up good things.

Friday 30 October 2015

Colouring Outside The Lines - #33 - 1989 - Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning

I don't know what brought this phrase to mind , but it seems that lots of people are enjoying colouring in some fairly complex and difficult colouring books. It's a great way of relaxing , but I would not be able to do it at all. I would stray outside the lines , not be able to match colours and eventually get bored. It's just that we are all different and different things stimulate and relax us. Free form drawing and playing is incredibly relaxing, but in 60 years I have never been able to find any non musicians to jam with . Of course as soon as you start then you learn to play better and I can play bit's of stuff , but sometimes I am naturally collaborative and other times I have to be on my own. Maybe something will happen maybe it wont, but we never know what tomorrow might bring.

Anyway the musical journey continues into year 33 , 1989 and although Guns 'n' Roses hit the charts with some fine songs and an idiot frontman , the vote has to go to Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil great music , a political conscience and a great frontman. Could Peter Garrett front  Guns 'n' Roses , now there's a thought.

Anyway enjoy your Friday , the weekend is coming and great things await us all.

Thursday 29 October 2015

Style and Fashion In The Grainger Market - #32 - 1988 - Primitives - Crash

I know nothing about fashion . If you have ever seen me I know you will agree whole heartedly, but today after dropping by The Little Bazaar and Pet Lamb I lunched at Olivers and enjoyed
'FASHION SHOW ' Grainger Market 180 Years in Fashion' which involved several of my friends and was extremely professionally executed and well recieved by the many people watching there. The models and their dress looked amazing . As I said I am not the one to be offering opinions on this but I enjoyed it and took a short Instagram Video. You should visit the link if you are any way interested in fashion , history and the Grainger Market , all combined to make a gloriously entertaining afternoon.

Cat Walking Grainger Style

And the musical Odyssey winds on hitting year 32 and though the charts were awash with Kylie Minogue when she wasn't good , I chose this absolute gem "Crash" by The Primitives.

Have a good night (or morning Lee) , the weekend is coming closer.

Thursday 7:30 - #31 - 1987 - Mental As Anything - Live It Up

Well were getting towards the end of the week and all those things we need to do are getting done. There's some great gigs coming up Star Spangled Chestwigs this Friday and The Wedding Present a week on Saturday , with Halloween falling this Saturday so need to stock up on tubs of stuff for the knocking witches.

The musical Odyssey hits 1987 year 31 m and I chose Live It Up by Mental as Anything because 1987 was my first year in Newcastle and I remember in the first week I went to the Odeon (since fallen into decay and disrepair) and saw Crocodile Dundee , a film I still love.

So all have a wonderful time , I am on my way to work.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Another Day Another Software Update - #30 - 1986 - Hollywood Beyond - What's The Color Of Money

Another day and software update on the iPad. I mean these are getting weekly and I spend more time updating the damned thing than actually using the damned thing. And it still asks you for passwords after it has updated , though Windows isn't much better. I've been waiting for Windows 10 on the tower for three months , yet Windows 8 is still updating , while my laptop went Windows 10 a month back. I'm sure it will come at some point.

Money Go Round
The musical Odyssey reaches year 30 and I've chosen Hollywood Beyond's The Color of Money , I could have chosen The Damned's Eloise but this edged it.just because it's original and a one hit wonder.

So have a brilliant day , apart from Lee , you have a great night .

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Alarmed - #29 - 1985 - The Cult - Sanctuary

Go Goth
Todays post is short because the binary part of my brain managed to set my alarm off rather than on last night. Still there will be lots of fun to be had today I am sure . Weather is forecast for everything from Sunshine to Showers.
1985 was not the greatest of years for chart music but there was still Sanctuary by The Cult which is a great record , and gives me an excuse to play the Spoon version as well which I still thinks sounds great despite my vocals,
Have a total wonderful day my friends.

Monday 26 October 2015

Here Be Dragons ...A Little More Bazaar #28 - 1984 - Kirsty MacColl - A New England


I've loved the Grainger Market for years , and in my last post I gushed about the Little Bazaar. and I dropped by to today to ask Georgie for a photograph , she is a lovely lady and obliged . I love chatting with her as she is so positive and is perfect for the surroundings of the shop. It doesn't have an online presence so you have got to go and see it yourself. You couldn't create the atmosphere online, you have to visit and experience it. It's a great place to visit as I go into the Grainger Market for something to eat , fruit , veg and other stuff. So I had to write this so you can see her in her wonderful hat......

..and her Dragons

Anyway the musical Odyssey continues and I originally chose "When Doves Cry" by Prince but it isnt on Youtube, but more importantly my youngest daughter was born in 1984 and her name was influenced by one of my favourite singers of the time the sadly missed Kirsty MaColl who hit the charts that year with A New England but I had loved her since her first single "They Don't Know" . So you get a song written by Billy Bragg and sung by Kirsty MacColl , what's not to get euphoric about?

Enjoy your Monday Night and get yourself to the Grainger Market tomorrow , it is a veritable cornucopia

A Little Bazaar #27- 1983 - The Cure - Love Cats

At the weekend I was in the Grainger Market and dropped into this gem of a shop the Little Bazaar in the Grainger Market presided over by a lovely lady called Georgie who wears a wonderful green steampunk style top hat. It has lots on incense , scarves , candles m stones and things , and you could lose yourself in the intoxication of it's welcoming atmosphere. The Grainger Market is a brilliant place to be these days and this is one of the many reasons why it is so good. You should really take a look and buy something. I love it.

A Little Bazaar
The Odyssey hits year 27 , 1983 . Lots of people complain about how rubbish music was in the 80s . Well was it. 95% is always rubbish and among lots of others The Cure were a major fixture of the 80s and they are without doubt one of the greatest bands ever and I love "The Love Cats" , how could I not choose that , a good start to what will be a great week.

Happy Monday everyone.

Sunday 25 October 2015

Clocks Gone Back #26- 1982 - Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling

Today is the day of the Sunderland vs Newcastle United Derby . Sunderland have won the last 5 and not lost in the last 7 that's like every match this decade almost. This is the only match that seems to matter to Sunderland supports , mainly because they seem to get tonked by everyone else. Can't say Newcastle are that much better , but what do I know , I'm a Preston supporter, and we also have Australia vs Argentina in the Rugby World Cup today which may match the excitement of of yesterdays close match between the All Blacks and South Africa. I wouldn't be surprised by an Argentinean victory as they are well organized and are not there as cannon fodder. The fact they are semi finalists says it all.

Jerome Kaino's second try of the tournament gave New Zealand an early lead

Anyway I've just finished putting all my analog clocks right , and just rememberd I need to do the same for my heating I think. I will check this after I post this.

So my musical Odyssey , I hit year 26 and have chosen the excellent Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling , a brilliant duo who's music has a great cutting edge and they still tour today.

Have a great Sunday everyone , the sun is shining and you did get that extra hour in bed.

Saturday 24 October 2015

Coincidentally #25- 1981 - Dire Straits - Romeo And Juliet

Today has been a bit weird, but incredibly interesting , so much so that I need to write about it, just so I remember about this day. Today isn't special but it's the birthday of a friend at work, nothing strange about that but I have have another friend with the same name who's birthday was on Wednesday, so that was one coincidence.

Then it's my neighbours' twins birthday today. I went into town and went into a shop , picked up a The Core , so I thought I would check it out , It is The Key the first fabric structure to be used as a working space in the UK.
The Key
book went to pay and realised I hadn't picked up my wallet on the way out. So had to walk back to a bus stop but my friend had pointed out an unusual structure next to

This meant I walked past The People's Kitchen who do a great job supporting those who can't support themselves thanks to the heartless selfish government we let into power.

Anyway got home came out and was waiting at the bus stop and heard a noise behind me, turned round and say to gorgeous smiling faces in a sensibly sized push chair under mops of black hair. Their mum told me that it was their first birthday ! . So that's two sets of twins withing walking distance of each other and my friend from work who have the same birthday! Now that is a coincidence of the highest order and wouldn't have warranted a mention if I hadn't forgot my wallet!.

Anyway into town and got off the bus at Gallowgate straight into the middle of an bunch of EDL neanderthals desecrating the Bobby Robson Garden with there sub primate yelpings. I walked over to the Palestinean Support Meeting stayed for ten minutes to show my support then walked through Chinatown , running into another work colleague.

So that was a lot of my day.

On to year 25 of my musical journey , and in 1981 my first daughter was born and the song that I have chosen had a definite influence on her name. Hope me writing this is not too traumatic for her , Romeo and Juliet is a brilliant Dire Straits song but a far too wordy Shakespeare play.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Ignore Boundaries #24 - 1980 - Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers

Very often people , especially in work , and especially when things aren't going perfectly will tell you to "Think Outside The Box"  , use "Agile Methodologies" and any other buzzwords that happen to be flavour of the day. I remember of the manager who asked to see if we could get training and courses on JFDI as it seemed to often get good results . The same manager after after a training course told me when I suggested a soloutin that at the the time he though I was a f*cking idiot as my idea was so off course, but he then said he realised that mine was the only solution that would actually work , and it wasn't the solution the course runners had in mind.

It's just when things seem impossible , or the odds are stacked against you , you probably have it in yourself to find an answer however unexpected it may be , just never give up . Giving up is the killer, believe that success , and what you are looking for will come to you.

Speak No Evil
Love Peter Gabriel , who walked out of Genesis when they had just produced what was their most ambitious album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and struck out on his own , starting WOMAD and Real World nearly going bankrupt and now doing alright for himself producing incredible music and commanding respect, so that''s why I chose "Games Without Frontiers" , and this was one of the most difficult choices I've made so far and I#m hardly half way through my musical journey.

Anyway have a wonderful Saturday everyone , Good Things are About To Happen

Thursday 22 October 2015

Mind vs Machine ! #23 - 1979 - Driver 67 - Car 67

Phone Home
Was thinking today about how we are more and more reliant on technology. One of the main areas is , how many phone numbers do you know? I know my own mobile number , maybe my home phone number and that's about it. I used to have loads of numbers stored in my head but now just two. I suppose it;s a case of need to know , but recently when my phone died , there was only one number I could remember. My phone remembers all my numbers, but it is reliant on power , and if it doesn't have power then I am at a bit of a loss. I use computers to remember the things that I can't , to store things I can't , to do things i can't and remember they are ultimately binary based and dependent on electricity.
mobile phones

Anyway just over a third through my musical life Odyssey and I know there's a plethora of decent stuff in the chart from 1979 , but the Sex Pistols had well and truly crash landed with The Great Rock and Roll Swindle , but I always had a soft spot for Car 67 by Driver 67 , so that gets my vote.

You all have a great day now

Just Amazed - Do It Now - #22 - 1978 - Darts - It's Raining

I'm constantly amazed by how much good stuff in general there is and how we have the ability to do so many things with a lot less effort that we did ten or fifteen years ago. We can do so much on the move get in touch with our loved ones and our not so loved ones whenever we want , we have the opportunity to gather , have fun socialise , and have a good time . But always do things as soon as you get the opportunity , because putting off things to next week or next month may mean putting of things so long you may lose the opportunity to do it.

Las night I missed a quiz raising money for Oxfam , I feel bad about it but I was just far too tired to
attend . Also I know I will have the opportunity to make amends.

Anyway in my 22nd Year I remember seeing the Darts , and this song "It's Raining" still gives me goose bumps.

So if you can do that good thing now , have fun , enjoy yourself and life will be wonderful.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

That Year - #21 - 1977 - Jonathan Richman - Egyption Reggae

1977 was a seminal year for music . You all know why so I won't elucidate. I'm choosing Jonathan Richman's Egyptian Reggae because I can actually make a decent stab at this on any guitar.

Have a brilliant day my friends

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Keep On Keeping On - #20 - 1976 - Four Season - Silver Star

You gotta keep on going and things are getting better by the day I belive, I can't sleep but thought I would post this entry, short and sweet.

Etoile Argent
Well into my 20th year  and I've chosen what I consider to be the finest record the Four Seasons ever produced , "Silver Star" clocking at six minutes on the album , but you get the short version , it's one of those records that doesn't fit any mould at all and is totally brilliant, yeah it's short post but you know these were gonna happen, just play the record and enjoy the music.

If you think my choice is sacrilegious , listen before you judge,

Monday 19 October 2015

It May Be Monday But Good Things Are Coming - #19 - 1975 - Susan Cadogan - Hurt So Good

Yesterday I had Apple Pie at The Magic Hat Pop Up Cafe  who operate a pay what you an afford and use food past it's sell by date. I left a reasonable about to hopefully ad a little to their coffers but it is a very laudable enterprise as it does mean people who can't afford to eat because of this governments "austerity" policy , can actually eat.

Last week was intense at work but I actually wrote a song , well it sort of fell out of me because it was just an idea so you can here the rawest of demos here but have a feeling this is the start of a very special week

Well up to 1975 in the songs of my life , and again I'm going for the less obvious, in this case "Hurt So Good" by Susan Cadogan . I liked it then , and still like it now.

Have a great week everybody

Sunday 18 October 2015

Hold Someones Hand This Sunday - #18 - 1974 - Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us

This Sunday Hold somebody's hand and make them feel loved and wanted. It may seem like a little gesture but human contact is actually a very good thing. I know we all need personal space and if you walked up to a stranger and took their hand it may not be wanted , but then again it could be just what that person needs. We should all be closer , and care for each other , and look out for each other and be there for each other. That should be what we are aiming for . Compassion , Love and the enjoyment of life that those qualities bring. So try and take someone's hand today.

If I get arrested today you know why

Anyway 1974  was my eighteenth year and I celebrated my 17th birthday . I think my mum bought me a car , a mini for £50. I had my first real girlfriend Anne , and the music was still very good although there was quite a lot of dross in the charts for that year but when you had Sparks release This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us , with its operatic melodrama and surely an influence on Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody , but Sparks is my choice.:

"Zoo time is she and you time
The mammals are your favourite type, and you want her tonight
Heartbeat, increasing heartbeat
You hear the thunder of stampeding rhinos, elephants and tacky tigers
This town ain't big enough for both of us
And it ain't me who's gonna leave"

Sohave a great Sunday , Hold someone's hand .. for me ... my friend

Saturday 17 October 2015

Here Comes The Weekend - #17 - 1973 - Ringo Starr - Photograph

Me at the beach
The weekend is here after a fairly intense week , and I know there may be more but I am feeling very
good , very positive and very upbeat about things , and that is my default life position. I wont let anything keep me in a dark place or knock me down . I need to be there for me and anyone else who needs me. The only slight downer is Preston are bottom of the Championship this morning but I have every confidence in Simon Grayson and he has my eternal gratitude from the play off final that got us here. It's one of those things , those memories are now saved for ever both digitally and in my mind.

The song I've chosen from 1973 , in my 17th year is Photograph by Ringo Starr , I have always loved this , and yes he is an ex Beatle but for me is a fine fine song that always has stayed with me . Hope you enjoty it , I always do.

Friday 16 October 2015

Better Daze - #16 - 1972 - The Move - California Man

Rock and Roll

Today will be intense at work , But I at the end of today all the pressure stuff will be finished. Then after that I have the weekend to look forward to. You too have the weekend to look forward to , so allis good here.

It's 1972 and have chosen The Move's California Man one of the finest slabs of Rock and Roll you will ever hear.

Have a great day.

Thursday 15 October 2015

Feeling Fine - #15 - 1971 - Curved Air - Back Street Luv

Yeah I am just really tired and things seem a bit both non stop and empty at the moment, I know that sounds weird but rust feel as though I'm running to keep still . I know this will pass , you can't feel top of the world everyday.

Air Conditioning
Anyway 1971 was another stunning year and I remember Curved Air on Top of the Pops performing Back Street Luv with Darryl Way's perspex violin and fronted by the lovely Sonja Kristina, There first album was one of the first picture discs and the second with it's cut out cover was straight into my collection.

HAve a great day everyone it's nearly Friday

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Getting Better - #14 - 1970 - The Witch - The Rattles

Halloween is Coming

Another rushed post , so , as I said , some would just be about the song that I'm posting. This is one of those. 1970 was my 14th year , I'd never thought of it in that way be for. I've been surprised by how much good music inhabited the charts and this was probably when my core music opinions took shape. Any appreciation of classical music was destroyed by my school (I  regained it in later years) , but despite the plethory of incredible music , I've chosen The Witch by The Rattles , a German Group , which I loved at the time and still sounds as fresh today. And I suppose with Halloween on it's way is sort of appropriate

Time for work now

Tuesday 13 October 2015

13th Post 13th Year and it the 13th Should I Worry? - #13 - 1969 - Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' Crazy Elephant

Well I forgot to set the alarm so that my be my "bad" luck. Let's face it it's like horoscopes you can always make things fit, that's the fun of astrology and the like. Like the prophesies of Nostradamus and horoscopes and other superstitions. Though I still have it ingrained into me that 13 is unlucky , but it's a baker's dozen which meant you got a free cake or loaf just in case something might be duff , so isn't that good luck.

Be Happy
I agree with the premise that your musical tastes are formed when you are 14-18 and certainly somemusic from then has stuck with me , but I think that 95% is always rubbish and it's just finding that 5% and it is usually easy to find. There are lots of great bands at this moment it time , just look.

So from 1969 , my 13th year comes Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' by Crazy Elephant , I'm sure an English band covered this , but that year was amazing for music and I could have chosen lots of classics , but this is the one I chose.

I have a wonderful day everyone ,  and don't walk under ladders !

Monday 12 October 2015

Another Monday Morning - #12 - 1968 - White Horses - Jacky

It's another Monday morning and I'm in a rush again so this is a shorty. 1968 was full of amazing music , but in a completely coincidence I posted White Horses to my daughter's Facebook wall as it's her birthday today, then found it was in the charts in 1968 !!

So there is nothing special in this except:

It's going to be an amazing week , but I haven't a clue what is going to happen . I had a great weekend and it is going to continue on , I will make sure that happens.

Also looking for this video , I got sidetracked as usually with some films for my Facebook group here.

Have a great day every day.

Sunday 11 October 2015

It's Hug Sunday - #11 - 1967 - Sandy Posey - Single Girl

Hug Me
For no reason I designate today Hug Sunday . Find someone and hug them for at least a minute. Wouldn't it be great to go into town and just love and hug a random person, but in today's personal space oriented world we'd probably get arrested. Anyway hug somebody  , I know at least one birthday girl and am sure she will be getting one.

I have to be honest 1967 was a stunning year for music, so  I could have chosen anything , but I definitely loved Sandy Posey's Single Girl , love the fragility of her delivery . The song is probably sexist and misogynist as hell , but is a product of it's times and I can choose anything I want.

Please enjoy it with me.

Saturday 10 October 2015

When Not To Trust Technology - #10 - 1966 - Roy C - Shotgun Wedding

Yesterday I was going to go along to Vamos Fantabuloso to see friends and write up for Spoongig so I cut the address ¡VAMOS! Social, Market Street, NCL from the website pasted it into Google Maps on my phone and it sent me to the middle of an estate in West Denton. Turned out to be a residential block , right house name and road , but totally wrong place . Because it was off the beaten track getting a taxi or bus back was not an option (UBER don't work for me , never any cars) ,so came home and missed out because I believed Google and didn't question it for once , c'est la vie.

Shotgun Wedding
Anyway to my tenth year on this mortal coil and it's the year England won the World Cup and a song I remember was this really racy one according to an acquaintance of the time. Roy 'C' s "Shotgun Wedding" , ironically not too far removed from todays attitudes fifty years on , but nonetheless a wonderful record.

Friday 9 October 2015

The Fun of Oculus Rift - #9 - 1965 - My Generation - The Who

A great friend of mine told me to check up Oculus Rift as apparently it's possible to design fighting games for it using light sabre devices with virtually no coding whatsoever. Amazon have them for sale but they cost clocks in at more than an iPhone. It already has spawned lots of imitators and you can pick up light versions for as little as ten pounds such as this item to work with a Smart Phone . My worry is the "Better Than Life" syndrome (see Red Dwarf), but surely no one would fall for that ... would they ?

My Generation
Anyway , into my ninth year and I didn't realise it was this late but the first song I remember seeing on Top of the Pops was The Who singing My Generation , so I am finally getting to the period where I started making my own musical choices.

Though I think so far I have chosen a worthy record every day , another fifty to go though

Thursday 8 October 2015

Sometimes Having Faith is Good - #8 - 1964 - My Boy Lollipop - Millie

My Favourite Bed
This morning I learned a small lesson. I'm in a rush because I had to go to to the local Post Office Sorting Office to pick up a package from my lovely friends at La Rosa. I had left my glasses there. Got to the place and there was no sign of it. I am in a rush and thought of just leaving , but waited and they unearthed it. The lesson is sometimes you just need to wait a bit longer for good things to happen.

So I'm at my eighth year , 1964,  and have chosen "My Boy Lollipop" by Millie Small because it was one of my mum's favourites and remember her playing it all the time and it was contributory to the foundation for Chris Blackwell's Island Records.

Have a wonderful day and have a little faith my wonderful friends.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

A Big Shout Out To The Big Pink Dress #7 - 1963 - Heinz - Just Like Eddie

That Big Pink Dress ... You Beauty Colin

It's dark and wet and a work day

I'm running late so this has to be quick. I just have to give an big shout out to the Big Pink Dress a group of the loveliest people who I met at Steffen Peddie's gig (which I will review later on Spoongig) who are raising money to fund research into preventing Breast Cancer.

The next thisng is we have reached 1963 , the year  the Beatles first hit the chart but I have chosen Just Like Eddie , Heinz ' Joe Meek produced tribute to Eddie Cochran.

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Back To Work #6 - 1962 - Dave Brubeck Unsquare Dance

Well today it's back to work , feels like autumn / winter . It's dark and rainy and doesn't do much for making you feel good. But I am gonna put on a happy face , find things to do including so holiday ket to treat my co workers and gonna have a great day. It may be a long one and run into my Music Quiz and the Tyneside Bar and Cafe where I may be in a team of 1 !

Back To Work
I've chosen Dave Brubeck's Unsquare Dance , because although I was completely unaware of it at the the time , being that progressive jazz rubbish , this is a piece I have come to love over the years due it's weird seeming timing and being just rather excellent. I found this wonderful version with the LSO so had to share didn't I?

Monday 5 October 2015

Laptop Tenned #5 - 1961 - Temptation by The Everly Brothers

Well the laptop has been upgraded to Windows 10 over Hotel Wifi at La Rosa. Started around 9 finished around 12 and nothing much has changed apart from pop up messages about features I didn't ask for , probably don't want and don't think will make my life better. However  I thought that about the snipping tool and stickys and I use them all the time now so what to I know.

Sunrise over Whitby Abbey

This morning I woke to see an amazing sunrise over the abbey, so now time for last breakfast here and the drive back home.

The song from 1961 my fifth year on earth when I turned 4 is Temptation by The Everly Brothers. This is not your usual Everly song , but they were an incredibly talented duo and I do love this

Sunday 4 October 2015

Give A Long Hug Today #4 - 1960 - Chain Gang

Sometimes things don't happen as fast as we would like. For some people this is an excuse to get angry. As you know I don't do angry. This morning the internet connection has been slow and though it is picking up , means that I have to be aware that all this might disappear in a puff of smoke , well not literally.

That can be true of anything in our lives , which is why , personally , I do tend to wnat things to happen quickly rather than slowly because , tomorrow , next week , next month , next year the opportunity may have slipped from our grasp.

Don't get me wrong , life is great , but I have friends who have difficulties , and things like that can't be put off or left.  Sometimes we feel pressured by modern life , what we need to have , and what we must have. We need a bigger car , bigger house , more money ,more whatever the media tells us , we need to be thinner , fitter , more conformist. Well actually thats just corportations and governments telling us that basically coming down to the worship of money.

What I do is say bugger that, I'm going to care for my friends , spend time with them when I can, MAKE that time , support local businesses ,relax (I'm, in a hotel room with no TV or radio or room telephone) but yes we are in 2015 so I have my internet connected laptop and mobile phone so I can release this on the world which I know 50 of you will read and maybe think about.

My blog has twice been called weird and not making any sense by correspondence ,but that has been applied to me also so it doesn't bother me too much.

Hugs Are Good
I saw an meme on facebook that said a long hug produces amazing benefits rather than the standard three
second, and wile we can all hug the one we are with , go and hug a friend who needs its it will make your day and their day soooooo much better.

On day 4 of my song cycle and from 1960 , my fourth year I have chosen the bitter sweetly beautiful Chain Gang by Sam Cooke for you to enjoy.

Saturday 3 October 2015

In Whitby - 1959 #3 Charlie Brown

Well day three of my challenge and I am up to 1959 the third year of my life. Actually the charts had lots of great music , but I always loved the Coasters with their atmospheric mostly Lieber / Stoller penned songs which still stand strong today cobined with a wickedly knowing sense of humour delivered with street born panache.

Whitby Abbey - Foggy Morning
Just sitting in Stoker  not yet dressed in La Rosa with a view of the abbey through early morning fog in the armchair by the balcony. Feel free to join me . I do love this place so relaxing , no phones , radio or television, just a laptop free wifi so I can let you know what I am up to . Aren't I so not with the program. But I will soon be going out to get papers before having my breakfast delivered in a wicker basket. This place is CAF. (see Inspiral Carpets if you don't know what that means.

Have a brilliant day everyone

Friday 2 October 2015

You Can Make Me Sing , Dance or Anything ... #2 - 1958 - Catch A Falling Star

Yesterday had more than 100 people wish me a happy birthday via Facebook which made be feel nice.

It's quite amazing how much dross hits the charts , but I always loved this song , and wile never an avid Perry Como fan I still like this . I will never forget Bryan Ferry's riposte to interviewer who asked him his opinion on Cockney Rebel's Judy Teen , he said he preferred the Perry Como version.

In Stoker
This weekend will be spent in the Stoker Room in La Rosa in Whitby , which is my favourite hotel in the world bar none. I would love to hire it for a long weekend and fill it with my friends. The room does have a view across the river to the Abbey which I will be visiting also.

These posts are going to be by their nature heavy on video and light on the text. Some may even just be the video, but I wiull try and find something interesting to say.

Whitby is one of my total favourite places and no doubt I will be instagramming  .

I took the title of the Faces compilation that my lovely daughters bought me for my birthday because it is such a great feelgood sentiment and we need lots of those.

But my favourite take on it was the wonderful Anthony Moore.

Thursday 1 October 2015

58 Years An Idea 58 Posts #1 - 1957 Little Richard - The Girl Can't Help It

OK here's the thing today I'm 58 , well my body is, my brain / personality / curiosity etc is still i the 14 - 16 age group. I still have wonder, I still love it in others , I still crave love , knowledge , attention, friendship and happiness. Maybe my caring, love and valuing of friends has grown over the years . I do look out for people and when times are bad I am there for them it does spread me thin,

Some people need me more than others. I need some people more than others.

1957 Chevy Sedan
Anyway here's the thing , here's the task. You know I love music so there will be 58 posts , one a day , each with a record from a year in my life. They may mean something , they may mean nothing, the may be relevant to the post or not.

So whats , number one , this originally was going to be Harry Nillson's One a very sad song , but I was just going to base it on the day number , but this gives me a chance to play something uplifting and worthy , and the words to this resonate so well Little Richard's "The Girl Can't Help It " from 1957