Monday 28 September 2015

Just Keep Talking .... Dont Keep It Hidden

This is really difficult. That i snot in a bad way , but someone has inspired this post and I can't say anything about who she is or what caused this but it is not anything bad or worrying, There's a new girl in the office , but turns out she has been with the company for sometime. Continuing my modus operandi of talking to everyone about anything I asked her name and she showed me her pass and said it was very unusual .

I countered with well yes it is , but I am very familiar with that name as he has a composer credit on of my all time favourite albums, now over 40 years old . She came back with yes that's my uncle and he played on that album and the hit single as well.

That's as far as I can take it. The rest is secret as I can't betray confidences, well I wouldn't say anything without permission. People could probably work it out but I don't think they will.

Anyway as I'm keeping it a secret then we can have Peter Gabriel's Secret World on here.

You Can Share
But again talk to someone , it will do you both lots of good . I have lots of meets lined up this week to talk with friends I don't see all that often , and to help some friends in their pursuit of something special. I hope you can do the same my friends

If you want to share do it, if you are hurting let a friend help , we can add our strength to yours.

So for sounding new age but I love all my friends

Sunday 27 September 2015

We Should Talk To Each Other More .... Much More

I want to do a TED talk based on this idea , that we should talk to each other more , even if it seems irrelevant or trivial  I will do it soon have it ready to submit when they are looking for speakers.

Very often if we don't talk , especially if things aren't going well , things seem to get darker, some times you can't do things on your own and you need a helping hand.

A while agao the was a lovely shop called Cake in Newcastle , and one day it wasn't there. I lost touch with the owner , a totally lovely girl, and as you know I don't take losing friends lightly , especially if they may  be experiencing hardship.

On Friday I was chatting with people at work about the fact it's my birthday  and I may get cake from Pet Lamb , and said that I had been upset when Cake shut. The girl I was speaking to said she knew the proprietress and is going to get her details for me. She has probably forgotten me but it would be nice to be in touch again.

Talk To Me
The thing is I suppose I am a devil for not asking for emotional support when I need it but I make sure I am always there for others, but writing this has lifted my mood, and today has been a great day seeing friends and chatting with them and the more I think I about what has happened today the better I feel. I do have people I can talk to , and recently our head of finance threatened me with a severe talking to if , as expected , my presentation over ran it's allotted three minutes.

So please talk to someone , even if you don't feel you need to , you may find something useful , you may feel better , you may make them feel better. Just do it.

There's only one song for this isn't there , it's this.

Friday 25 September 2015

Dancing In The Dark

Hold Hands
This is an addendum to my last post. In the UK it's now dark , and usually wet and damp in a good devils to fight my bad devils),
morning. If someone is in a dark place they will be feeling even worse just because of the weather. This means that if you are in an OK place , like I am (OK I am a devil for hiding when I feel bad cos I don't think anyone needs to be bothered with such trivialities, although I have

So here's your task for today:

  • Smile as much as you can if you are happy
  • If you are not happy ask a friend to meet (that might be me)
  • Phone A friend
  • Hold Hands
  • Go For A Coffee
  • Just Talk
It's easy to think you don't matter, no one wants you , and you mean nothing . That is not true. Reach out and I will give you my hand and give you a hug. I've included two Big Daddy songs , play these and your day will be better and you will smile.

Thursday 24 September 2015

When Life Is Hard For Someone Hold Out A Hand

Hold Hands
Sometimes things go wrong , life isn't always easy. For some of us it's fine , but for others it's not. They may be homeless , ill  , under pressure at home , lost , any number of things. Sometimes the offer of a hand , a kind smile , a drink , a talk , can make all the difference.

I haven't written for what seems ages but, thought I would just post something upbeat, one of my favourite songs but the sadly missed Kevin Ayers , this always makes me smile and hope it will for you.

I have two very busy weekends coming up , but I always make time for my friends, always have a smile for people and that always makes me feel good.

Tomorrow when you are out , smile at more people , that person who wasn't feeling too good might feel a little better and you will have done a wonderful good deed.

Saturday 19 September 2015

This is How It Should Be Done - The 2015 Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup has kicked off in style. Whether its's because the UK has it this year or what  I don't know , but it is brilliant to see a sport not riddled with drugs cheats , rule cheats , bribes , back handers , the deaths of thousands in countries not fit to play the sport.

I cannot pretend I know all the rules , and did get out of it fairly young , having seen so many lost teeth in clashes , though I felt the same about boxing . You do need to be hard to play rugby. I remember many years ago being at a garage and the the sky went dark . Bill Beaumont got out his car and made me look small and you know how big I am.

Here We Go
After the curtain raiser with England getting the better of Fiji , today we had the competition starting in earnest. And the matches are anything but one sided , well mabe the Irish dismantling of Canada , but Tonga vs Georgia should have been closer and Japan took South Africa on a knife edge in one of the biggest shock results , and the competition has hardly started.

The excitement is there and you can see they want to play the game and the first thing on their mind isnt their image rights.

Another thing, Newcastle are staging some matches , and for the Olympics there was a blackout on
everything that wasn't official sponsored , none of that for this competition.

As I pen this  France lead Italy 25-10 , Italy have come back from 25-3 down , and while I expect France to run out victors , they aren't having it all their own way.

I know this isn't my normal sort of post , although in a way it is because events like this get your adrenalin going  , and that makes you happy , and it is great to see good friends getting out and enjoying the games.

I wont be having a bet because I don't know who is going to win, the only thing I'm sure of is it is going to be a great tournament and looking forward to taking in some matches with friends.

Paloma Faith has recorded a new version of World in Union , I cant say I am  that impressed  prefer the Holst original , so I've included the Swing Low  below below which is slightly better , but niot much.

Enjoy the tournament my friends

Thursday 17 September 2015

It Makes Me Happy

What does ? Everything . Well lots of things , maybe I should just list things.

I know my recent posts have been about being happy , hugs and feeling good rather than slagging off Apple and mobile phone companies or being slightly down about  Preston losing , but seriously, I am grateful for being able to make this list. Part of the reason I can do so is that I do always look for good things regardless of what happens, and a small thing , today I got told I was out of my probation period and they liked me at work and last night Youtube relented and allowed my Ezra Furman slideshow for "One Day I Will Sin No More" . I will record my own version of this and put it up on my Youtube Channel soon.

So what makes me happy:
The Vampire Rabbit Spots Its Prey
  • The love and support I get from my close friends and family , here and all over the world
  • The fact there is always someone there for me , and I am there for them
  • The appreciation that people give me when I share time and experience with them
  • I love my hometown of Preston , I don't get there enough , but Newcastle is now my home and I love the place and it's people and the friends I have made here make me fall in love  with everything every day
  • I can't get down for too long because there is always something good about to happen
  • I love the positive things I can show people
  • I love berating people about not visiting The Lit & Phil , it is a beautiful amazing place
  • I love the fact that so many people don't know about the Vampire Rabbit and the look on their faces when I take them is brilliant
  • I love the fact my friend Barbara has resurrected Trillans and my friends Maz and Shev have made The Black Bull into the North East's Go To Punk venue and Dave and Julie Campbell have turned The Schooner into a brilliant Western Swing venue and brilliant pub
  • I love my friends
  • I love the culture , the museums , the coast
  • I love well I might never stop

Anyway that is just some of the stuff, have a brilliant day everyone , I really do love you all

Wednesday 16 September 2015

The Darkest Hour ... When You Need A Hug

We're getting dark morning , summers over and I'm getting up in the dark again. Luckily these days I can wait til it's light before I leave for work. Darkness while it's great for atmospherics does not tend to lighten ones mood.

I know I haven't blogged for a few days, but it's just really about getting the inspiration to writes , and that's usually because something really good has caught my attention. This week has been full of little things , that for me are not positive , like little knocks and bruises on my psyche. But I will not let them dampen my ardor , I am gonna find positives and I am going to be happy , and I am going to make other people happy , hopefully

Eeyore Hugs
But we hare half way through the week , so if you are lucky enough to be with someone gives them a kiss and a hug and put a smile on their faces , and yours too. I cant think of anything I would rather do at this moment but will make do with doing some household chores

But everybody go out and find someone to hug and make the world a happier place

Decided to go for the Troggs version cos really Love Is All Around if you look and give it a chance

Sunday 13 September 2015

Just A Lot Of Smiles

For some reason I can't sleep. It's Ok it's Saturday Night , well Sunday Morning. This morning we got the result that Jeremy Corbyn is the new Labour Leader by an absolutely ridiculous landslide vote. So obviously I've been a little  upbeat today to say the least

Then I went of facebook and almost every picture was someone smiling , with the odd annoying bit but, that was really uplifting. Smiling really does lift you and everyone should do it.

Everyones life is not perfect , but if you look out for you friends , talk , socialise and enjoy each others company then you always have a reason to smile , and smiling makes you feel good and feeling good is good for you.

I know this is a short post but it is quite late or early depending on your perspective

A bit obvious but I have gone for Smile by The Supernaturals

Saturday 12 September 2015

How To Make Your Weekend Better - Hug Someone

Pet Lamb Cup Cakes
The weekend is here , Autumn has come , the mornings are dark , but you are probably lying in bed as I write this as really I should be , but I just thought what could make a good thing a little better. I'm actually doing something for work this weekend , it's not been asked and actually gently discouraged , but the people I work with are great guys and I am happy to put in a little extra effort because I know that they would do the same for me. I brought in cake yesterday because that's the sort of think we do , except I got mine from Pet Lamb in the Grainger Market as the cakes have maltesers , chocolate orange and all sorts of goodies. Love treating my friends.

And really it's always good to give someone a call ad a hug because that makes you feel better and them feel better. It's to easy to put things off til next week or next month which turns in to next year. Do it now , reach out to someone, it will lift both of you and you never know your friend my need it , you don't know what's happening unless you talk, which is vaguely the subject of my TED talk submission which I will send off when they are next looking for speakers.

We should all talk more , hug more , spend time together more , and we will enjoy life more. So Saturday starts here , and if you want a hug from me me let me know , I always have one for my friend , family and those I love.

Someone at work checked out my blog this week and they said that they found it remarkably uplifting, I do hope they read this as well , but what better , more uplifting start to the day could you have than Elbow's One Day Like This , wouldn't you just give that guy in the video a big big hug . I would!

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday 10 September 2015

A Smile Just Makes Things Better ... Especially With Eeyore

I was a little stir crazy last night and so went into town to Trillians and the Tyneside Bar and Cafe where I had some lovely Minestrone soup. There was a girl at the bar with her boyfriend , we caught each others eye, I smiled at her and , surprisingly she smiled back. It was fleeting but uplifting moment.

Eeyore Makes You Happy
Today I was walking up our road a girl came out the dentist , I smiled at her , she beamed at me , a two second thing but certainly made me feel much better. Had good news from various sources , always glad to hear of my friends having a good time.

Smiling is really good for you , even when things are going wrong find something to make you laugh and grin.

If I hadn't gone out last night I wouldn't have seen the girl at the bar , I will never see her again , but the lift her smile gave me will be part of me forever, and I think Eeyore always makes people smile.....

Sunday 6 September 2015

We Should All Feel Wonderful Every Day

I do . And I know doom mongers will say it can't last but why not. I wake up every morning smiling , happy and looking forward to what;s coming my way even though sometimes I haven't a clue what that is.

I know bad things do happen but a positive attitude helps over those things . I love it when good things happen for my friends and those i love (and that's a big overlapping group , everyone I love is my friend) , and if something bad happens I am a shoulder to lean on , and friend to talk to , and someone to bring a smile to your face.

I often but small presents for friends , and they say you shouldn't have. There is as much pleasre in giving as well as getting.

Sometimes friends will say they've let me down  because they can't make a gig or something , because they are feeling under the weather. They never let me down , I am adaptable and sometimes able to stand on my own two feet even. If they aren't well I am looking out for them and thinking about them.

One thing about me is that I can adapt , things can change beyond recognition and I'll keep on my feet and work out the next steps.

Hold Someones Hand Today
Seo Everyone deserves to feel wonderful everyday.

Yes I am not a Syrian refugee , I am well aware of plights of the oppressed and while my only contribution is charity donations and verbal support , I do tend to concentrate my attention closer to home.

So please be kind , feel good yourself and look out for others.

I love my friends so much

I'm really sorry if this seems like a new age rant . It's just to know that if I can be I will be there for you because I know you will there for me. I don't complain if I buty you a drink , a meal or a bar of chocolate , there is as much joy for me in seeing your smile and you get from what I give .There's only one song isn't there

Give someone a hug and hold their hand today , they may need it , and I'm certain they will want it

Saturday 5 September 2015

Its 5AM , Getting It Wrong With The Archers of Loaf

On a Saturday morning and it's amazing how useful and sometimes rubbish the digital world can be. How often do we get the excuse "It's a computer error" ? I always reply , no , it's a human who told it what to do and provided it with the data (somewhere don the line anyway if you want to get pedantic.

Sometime in the past I programmed my friend's birthday into Moonpig to be the 7th of September. I've been sending her cards on the 7th of September for years ,. Yesterday I caught her at Bar Loco , and said I'd forgotten her card , but it would be OK as her birthday was on the 7th . In unison everyone told me it was the 5th , and she's going on holiday on Monday.

So computer error ? I think not , this is a case of Mikey error. So this morning I need to make an early morning delivery of a birthday , so it's good that I got up at 5am

One good thing this is an excuse to play "Wrong " by The Archers of Loaf on of my favourite songs ever

Anyway have a most excellent weekend

Thursday 3 September 2015

My Devils

I have two devils. One is positive , one is negative

The negative one tells me:

  • No one wants you
  • They wish you were not here
  • They would rather watch paint dry than have you there
  • You are despised at work
  • No one could ever love you
  • Your opinions are a joke
  • You should disappear and make eveyone happy

Then the positive one tells me :

  • You have Friends
  • They love you
  • The want you to call
  • They love what you do
  • They love hearing from you
  • You mean something to them
  • You are respected and appreciated at work
  • The miss you when you are not there
  • You light up their lives
  • You would be a huge miss if you weren't there

The thing is , I KNOW the negative devil lies and the positive one tells the truth. For me that devil
wins every time which is why my life is so good. Some people sometimes let their negative devil in and that makes life intolerable . Yes things go wrong , but there are people (like me) who will always be there to help and hold out my hand.

I love being happy , it makes me feel good , and I was going to have some doomy gloom music , but then this song jumed into my head. My positive devil was there for me once again . So you get Kevin Ayer's The Up Song , guaranteed to make you smile although at the bottom is me singing The Cult's Lil' Devil with Spoon

Have a wonderful evening my wonderful friends