Monday, 18 February 2008

Newcastle Observation #2

My current method employment requires me to leave home very early and traverse the streets of Newcastle , pre 7 am! this means you see many odd and inexplicable sights such as:

  • A sign in the window of the Clayton Street Ladbrokes stating "Money Back On All Non Runners" as though it were something new and extraordinary. As far as I'm aware that's been the state of affairs for as long as I know. Most Odd! If you want a free £10 bet click Here
  • Then theres the legions of window cleaners with their long extendable pipes , who manage to flood the pavements between the Eldon and Central Station. Make sure you wear waterproof footwear.
  • And the odd pastry delivery van outside Clayton Street Gregg's / Eldon Milligan's that can never ever get started. Obviously it must do at some point otherwise it would still be there now!
  • Outside The Black Garter pub (prior to 7 am remember) a bunch of pensioners were pushing each other around prior to a full blown fight I assume. Who the hell waits outside a Newcastle Centre pub (of such dubious repute) at that time in a morning??

And theres probably much more , but can't think at the moment

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