Friday, 7 May 2010

Looks Like A Hung Parliament

Which is fine as long as I can pull the trapdoor lever.

The thing is , we're still going to have a government and New Labour is almost indistinguishable from the Tories. Also I wouldnt trust any politician with going for the tea unless I know them or it's Boris Johnson or Tony Benn.

The hung Parliament will resurrect the debate over proportional representation , but , flawed though it is , first past the post does keep out extremists like the BNP . Imagine if we gone two BNP members , the next election that may encourage more people to vote for them. No way Proportional Representation.

It seemes that loads of people have not been allowed to vote . My local Polling station was open for fifteen hours and I was waiting for a local delivery . At 12 it hadn't turned up so I went and voted. I'm just wondering why people went to polling station without much time to spare, but this could mean that resuklts may be challenged , so will there be by-elections there/

Because I've voted I can express my disappointment and the Tories being the largest party and potentially forming the next government. I'll bet 95% of the electorate don't have a clue about their policies and only voted Tory because David Cameron is not as ugly as Gordon Brown!!

If you look at all election results since the sixties that's been the case. So all labour need to do is replace Gordon Brown with , say , Daniel Craig or Sean Connery. If you don't believe me, these are the results since 1970:

  • 1970 & 1974 Ted Heath (Tory) beat Harold Wilson (Labour)
  • 1974 (Oct) Harold Wilson (Labour) beat Ted Heath (Tory)
    Odd one out , maybe a hangover when the populace thought about who they were voting for
  • 1979 Margaret Thatcher (Tory) beat Jim Callaghan (Labour)
  • 1983 Margaret Thatcher (Tory) beat Michael Foot (Labour)
  • 1987 Margaret Thatcher (Tory) beat Neil Kinnock (Labour)
  • 1992 John Major (Tory) beat Neil Kinnock (Labour)
  • 1997 Tony Blair (Labour) beat John Major (Tory)
  • 2001 Tony Blair (Labour) beat William Hague (Tory)
  • 2005 Tony Blair (Labour) beat Michael Howard (Tory)
  • 2010 David Cameron (Tory) beat Gordon Brown (Labour)
So to win the next election Labour need to replace Gordon Brown with someone more photogenic than David Cameron . Job Done.