Saturday, 21 August 2010

Life Isn't Random

The LG Chocolate isa fine enough phone , as a phone . It looks cool , slim and black ,but it also has a music player , and here's the rub: It takes 3 minutes to load the music library !!! I only have 4 Gb of music on the phone and it takes three minutes to load. The phone purportedly takes a 32 Gb card . God knows whatthe reponse would be like with that musch storage.

Once the library is loaded , assuming it doesnt decide to close down the music player, songs are arranged in alphabetical order . Chooses an album and they're in alphabetical order, create your own playlist - it automatically sorts them . What happened to the track numbers and album running orders? Who do they think they are ? Apple?

Need less to to same I'm none too happy with this "feature" . The track number is the first MP3 tag , and this software completely ignores them . The point of playlists is to create and number of songs that play in YOUR order , not alphabetical. No doubt they'll have so eBook software that'll automatically arrange the words in the book in alphabetical order for ease of reading. Unbelievable!!!!