Sunday, 27 March 2011

Could I Kindle?

I keep seeing adverts for the Amazon Kindle and other e-book readers . Apparently there is an app for Android and iPhone , though it wouldn't let me download an e Book as I didn't have a Kindle registered.

The technology is great , a months battery life , electronic ink that doesn't use power once the page is rendered. Also you can carry around 3000 or more books in a package that weighs less than a paperback. My problem is that usually you only read books once , and they need a time investment, whereas music can be listened to over and over again and sometimes to can have songs that last less than two minutes so you don't need a big time frame.

Real books still suit my purpose for reading , but the Kindle is tempting , but is that because it's just another gadget like an iPad?

Watch this space

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