Sunday, 16 October 2011

National Novel Writing Month

Apparently next month is National Novel Writing Month. Entrants are to submit fifty thousand words in their attempt to capture the imagination of the paying public. Fifty Thousand is quite a lot of words though you could probably sit down and do it in a day if you were that way inclined. I am just thinking of the Novel Writing Sketch that Monty Python served us all those years ago.

To put this in perspective I’ve been jotting some notes for my blog while I stay in Craster. Because there is no internet access, I’m doing this in Word before transferring it to the blog when I get home. On the fifth day I’ve just written eleven hundred words so far, so that’s two hundred and twenty  words a day , so at this rate , if I were writing a novel it would take me two hundred and thirty days , that’s about seven and a half months, with no editing or quality control!!

So if I do decide to go for the Novel this month, looks like I have maybe two weeks to do it, I will have to increase my throughput to three thousand six hundred words a day (that is eighteen times my current rate) , and of course, think of a story. I’d love to do it, but really need the inspiration, and not end up in the book of worst opening lines!!

So even with a full month you would be looking at twelve and a half thousand words a week, that’s above two thousand words a day! I may, at some point see if I can do twelve and a half thousand words in a week, just to see if I could actually have the output to produce a novel. I thought that this would be some going for me.

Seriously probably my only attainable goal in this is to hit a thousand words by the end of this holiday , and I’m about half way through ,  so by the time this is published on the blog I should have done my thousand words , one fiftieth of a novel!!

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