Friday, 30 March 2012

National Cleavage Day 2012

Apparently instigated by a bra manufacturer such as Playtex or Wonderbra , denigrated by women's groups , embraced by both men and women as fun, is this much different to Guinness appropriating St. Patrick's Day?

You could say that it objectifies women , but women are attractive to men . That's genetic. I wouldnt want any woman to feel threatened by this but really it's a bit of fun intended to seel underwear , in particular bras . If more are sold then that helps the economy , and I'd rather women were having fun that preparing the Sunday lunch in the kitchen .

More fizz , more wine , more bacchanalian fun , and if you wish to display your cleavage feel fee to do so,

Not sure which day it is , whether it was yesterday today or tomorrow, but I don't thingk it does any harm.

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