Saturday, 11 August 2012

Getting Older #1

Just a few thoughts on aging and the difficulties some people seenm to have with aging and the ease with which other people take in in their stride:
  • You can do nothing about getting older
  • If you are losing you hair shave it off don't wear a toupee or have a comb over
  • When My uncle left school when he was 15 and got a job I thought he was old
  • When my dad turned 50 he refused to let anyone mention his age , he's now 78 and going strong
  • When I turned 18 I was scared of hitting 21
  • I didnt get asked how old I was in a pub til I was 18 , I'd been drinking since I was 13
  • When I hit 21 , I never thought I's make it to 30
  • One my cousins turned 65 on his 16th birthday
  • Someone once remarked that I was a bit old at the age of 42 for a job I was applying for , friends pointed out I was a guitarist in a band , socialised , was out most Fridays and most importantly could do the job . They took me on
  • I myself was interviewing a couple of 50 somethings for a position and thought about their age , one had a negative attitude , the other had a positive attitude - Accentuate The Positive
  • A friend pointed out that the problem with humans is they wear out , if we could replace everything before it fails we would live forever , so look after yourself
  • Humans are social animals , keep in touch , talk to people , and be happy , it makes life worth living
  • There may or may not be a god(s) , but I think the hope is born of a devolution of responsibility and a desire to live forever - personally I don't think evolution will let your soul / essence / being die after the body packs up . This is based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever - just hope / faith but if I live on after I will let you all know but I have no intention of leaving just yet.
  • Never put off anything til next week

Anyway I may do more of these but here's a suitable song that all schoolchildren should learn:

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