Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lottery Rage

Just in my local One Stop stop with some potatoes and cheese in my sopping basket and theres one woman serving . The guy in front then get's into a lecture about the best scratch cards to but before parting with another ten quid for a couple of them.

Meanwhile a copuple of charvers complete with pushchairs and squawking offspring stat getting naked because there's only 45 minutes left before the cut off time to put your lottery ticket  on resulting in irate exchanges going over my head , while me and the shop assistant attempt to contain our laughter.

I often here people in there , who "know people" who can guarantee a win on the lottery if you use the right system !!.

Well here's my observations on the lottery , this isnt to encourage or discourage , just the facts as I see them:

  • The only guarantee is that once a number has been drawn , it's won't appear again in that draw
  • For someone to win two million pounds , four million people have to lose a pound
And that's it

Still I am entertained by people claiming to have a cast iron system as they queue to casth their giro

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