Monday, 28 January 2013

The Joy Of Socks

Really just wanted to post that title, but this weekend I didnt take enough pairs of socks away to Whitby because I hadn't done the washing recently , and my sock drwaer was full of odd socks. How come you either have loads or none?

It seems to be the same with lots of things, if you don't need money , you find it in pockets , that extra wallet pocket you didnt know you had , a cheque comes through the door from someone you've done some work for and forgotten about.

Same with food , toilet roll , pubs and virtually everything. Busses often come in twos and threes . There's probably a good reason and explanation for this , although the socks was just that I hadn't done my washing , so it's my own fault , but now I have more socks than ever.

Anyway the nearest video I can think of to do with socks is the Lady Marmalade sequence from Baz Lurhmann's Moulin Rouge , where there are quite a lot of stockings , which is the female equivalent of socks!!