Saturday, 16 November 2013

Unexpected Things

This week has been extremely tiring, but yesterday I forgot to take a book on the train. I've just finished Simon Armitage's Gig , very good for my point of view, he's a poet writing about music that I like , we have similar tastes I  can see a lot of parallels in his book and the one I'm writing.

Anyway I was aware I hadn't posted for a few days , not that it's going to change the world, but I hadn't watched any TED talks for a while, and as usual chose a random one by Hetain Patel and Yuyu and I thought it started badly. It looked serious and pretentious. By the time I had finished I was uplifted , had guffawed a few times on the train much to the consternation of certain passengers (probably). Anyway I've included it in the post and think you really should watch it, you WILL enjoy it and get something from it.

Added to that I got some good news from my daughter about her hospital visit, more good news from a  friend about her son graduating, and another friend showed me her original Live Aid program from 1985. So really this week has ended with lots of great news , leaving me feeling rather positive. My leg seems to be fine , with the odd twinge of pain at odd times but I can run for a bus now. Have a great day everybody and keep the good news coming!

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