Monday, 18 January 2016

Not So Blue Monday

As I write this I am being hit by a severe Denial of Service Attack . I would have thought that my ISP , Virgin would protect me from that , but maybe not.

So today is Blue Monday , the Monday before the January payday , when the money has run out and consumers cant buy stuff not even the tat in this week's sale. It's just one of those things the media throws at us , they want us to be miserable , to butter us up for the next scare story.

12" of Blue Monday
Well you know what ,  I am not going to fall for it. I am gonna post The Jolly Boys version of New Order's Blue Monday killing two birds with one stone , but a cool friend suggested Prince's Darling Nikki , and Prince is Cool as Hell.

It's funny how once you start talking music how the ills of the world can be , at least temporarily washed away. Music is wonderful , listening and playing just makes you feel good , get's rid of pent up aggression can make you happy , make you fall in love , make want to hug someone , make you want to kiss someone ,  make you want to dance.

I am now starting to think of lots of favourite songs that teach us lessons, show us new roads , and lead us to better places.

This Monday may be a shade of blue , but it's a nice shade of blue.

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone

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