Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I think it's really important to enjoy yourself . Although real life often gets in the way.

Whey you are enjoying being warm in bed , you have to get up at some point , but I stretch it out as long as possible

When you are in the bath or shower feeling and enjoying the warm water flowing over you , I love that and probably spend a lot longer in there than I should

When you are with a friend or loved one or both , I love that , but have to depart for work or mow the lawn or some other chore.

The main thing is to try and extend enjoyment into everything you do. I like solving puzzles and problems and have seen virtually every job I do as that sort of task , which then makes it enjoyable, rather than a chore. If you make your job enjoyable , then it stops being a job and becomes a form of enjoyment. I continually look for ways of making things better for me and others and when someone notices that it gives you a great feeling.

I always try and look for positives in every situation and that in itself becomes an entertaining challenge.

But anyway I know I haven't been writing much recently , and I have no excuse for it ,  apart from I have been spending a lot of time enjoying myself and that's no bad thing. And the song it's Baxter Dury's Pleasure , which always makes me happy, ad stimulates my enjoyment.

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