Saturday, 23 July 2016

Brrrrr........Exit Stage Left

My final thoughts on the referendum results , supporting it with a couple of videos from The Daily Show's John Oliver.

I always go with the majority , because it's the right thing to do, that's the way democracy works. However the Referendum is not a legally binding thing , we don't have to leave the European Union, and the Government have stated that it will be at least twelve months before they invoke Article 50 , but want to start dismantling Human Rights as soon as possible, see here. But I have several points that still trouble me:

Lies, Lies , Lies

  • The Money That was going to be saved to give the NHS , according to Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage  they never said that , it isn't going to happen
  • If we are withdrawing from the EU , a single entity , why have we appointed Boris Johnson to build new relations with European Countries (28 of them)  for trade? I thought that's why we were getting out
  • All of a sudden we can't close our borders to other countries if we want to trade with them , so the immigration situation is not going to change
  • Cameron wanted to remain so he resigned , and Farage and Boris Johnson disappeared to
  • A lot of people voted leave because they believed the lies of the Leave Campaign , or just wanted to protest against the Government, but if the reason people voted was based on numerous lies , then is their vote valid? People have said they should have realised that what the Leave campaign was saying was lies  , but if this were subject to "Sale of Goods" rules the Referendum would be declared null and void
  • Also the "Take Back Control" slogan , we already have all the control we need who are we taking back what from?
 The thing is a lot of people had valid reasons to want to leave, but thousands have been conned. A lot of Leave voters couldn't tell you why they wanted to leave , they just did, some where shocked with the result came in. I certainly was , though I did vote stay.

In the USA they reckon the country will not be so stupid as to vote in that allegedly racist , misogynist serial liar Donald Trump , but the UK voted in the tory party for two terms and have capped it with a vote to leave a flawed but beneficial economic and mutually enhancing bloc, the potention of the electorate to shoot itself in the face in the name of democracy never fails to amazy me.

Watch the John Oliver videos , although it may be too late as we have another Witch in Westminster now.

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