Saturday, 6 August 2016

Sunshine Smiles and the Lost Welsh Martial Art of Llap Goch

Llap Goch - Fear No Man

Well I am very hot and sweaty, I bet you really wanted to know that. This morning I have cut down a leafy bust to fit in te brown bin (I actually cut it last week) , mowed the lawn , put up a shelf that fell off a wall months ago, well I think I have, those rawlplugs weren't working so I hope the no more nails strips will hold, they say up to3Kg each strip but we all know the phrase "up to" includes the number zero. I got that from the Llap Goch Advertisement in Monty Python's Big Red Bok. Click on the image to read the text a lot more easily.

I've also been and bought a rucksack for of shopping and walked about 3 miles, so I have had a fairly productive morning.

I still didn't want to get up though, but the fact I have doe all this and am writing this blog post is a good sign.

The weather is excellent and there have been a lot of greeting and smiles when I was out, the sun and good weather can bring out the best in people.

The football season has started although for some it will feel as if it never ended, teams complain of too many games and once there is space they organise a tour on the other side of the world or some new made up cup competition. Newcastle lost their opening Championship encounter with Fulham leaving the bottom of the division much to the delight of Sunderland fans. I'm obviously more concerned with how Preston fare against Jaap Staam's Reading.

I thought the Smashing Pumpkin's Today was a sort of appropriate song for today.

But whatever you are doing have a wonderful day today , enjoy the sun and I hope everything goes perfectly for you.


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