Sunday, 4 November 2018

When Things Go Wrong

I woke up about 3 AM then went to bed about 4 AM. It that time I managed to screw up access to this blog, put some Thousand Yard Stare onto an SD Card then tried to insert it into my Emopeak headphones, which kept flipping to FM radio and not playing the Music despite saying "Music" (It talks), then I took the card out , reinserted it, and managed to lose it in the headphones. The SD socket had got slightly bend so the card disappeared into the body of the headphones which is an otherwise sealed unit.

Then I was messing with CNAMES on the blog redirect and it started saying there's something wrong with this page, although I was trying to rush things and it did say it could take up to six hours, but I expected the old links to work. Anyway it finally seems to be sorted, and I was just wondering whether this would sort the visitor situation. Time will tell on that.

So my headphones still work, and I will use my Pixel Phone as the music source, the blog is working, but obviously in the middle of the night my mind is not fully functional and things seem more impossible than they actually are.

I'm still debating the Thousand Yard Stare gig., they are the support, but I really do need to see them, so maybe tomorrow I will go and buy a ticket, will try and avoid SeeTickets, and it's and excuse to share the wonderful "Version of Me" with you.

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