Saturday, 17 October 2020


That word came into my head today, for no particular reason and is probably something to do with the transition for ordered movement to frivolous galivanting. New words are being aded to dictionaries all the time and old ones are being dropped.

I'm quite surprised that I am writing this at quarter to midnight on a Friday night , after a fairly uneventful week, apart form getting the hang of Power Query and using it properly , watching series 1 of "Cobra Kai" which is excellent , and going through the first series of "American Horror Story:Murder House" which is extremely inventive given the limited nature of it's subject.

Tonight I watched "Des" the story of Denis Nilsen , which was unnervingly excellent with David Tennant's Nilsen both reminding me of a work colleague as he talked matter of factly about his murders, it's almost funny , then you realise this happened, reminds me a bit of the intro to "The Death of Stalin", I had the same reaction there.

October has been very sparse for postings , but if you have nothing to write about you have nothing to write about.

I've done little walking, and need to do a final lawn mow for the year if we get a few dry days.

My NAS Network disk I think is dead, so I am going to have a play over the weekend to try and revive, but if not that's my digital music and video collection gone, although I do have backups so it's just a question of setting up a new DNLA server (I sound like I know what I'm talking about). While I did wire all the digital stuff in the house, to me it's just a load of plugs and wires.

I've been listening to a Cherry Red compilation today and it's going for £100 on Amazon, but it's only worth that if someone will pay for it. Anyway I've chosen "XOYO" by The Passage from it which I loved when first heard it on the "Pillows and Prayers" compilation back in th eeighties.

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