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Sunday 30 April 2017

The First of A Million Steps

Tomorrow is May Day, The first of May and tomorrow I embark on a Million Step Challenge. That's a million steps in three months taking me through to the end of July. To do this I need to average 11.5K steps a day, so that's nearly two hours a day walking.  That is not a major challenge really apart from the fact that today I ran for a bus and have pulled a muscle possibly , somewhere round my hip region. If I don't move , it doesn't hurt, but to continue the step challenge , I have to move (obviously). I have 4K steps to complete today to do my first month in years of more than 10K a day , and hopefully hit the average that I will need to maintain over the next three months.

I know I don't HAVE to do this, but I want to do this. Today I managed my ten thousand steps, but intended to do the last four thousand downhill past Hadrian's Wall and through Denton Burn. That all went well but I intended to get the bus back , but that didn't turn up. Twenty minutes after it should have been there I started walking back ... and then it flies past me. If I was paranoid I'd think the bus driver was waiting for me to set off. The major thing is I got the steps done, and I am in a good position to start the Million Step Challenge.

The other thing is my phone is playing up and that is what I use to measure my steps. I have a feeling the problem is the battery, but the replacement battery doesn't seem to work at all, so hopefully that will get resolved soon.

Sorry if all this seem negative and mundane, you know I don't like to be either of those, but tomorrow is a good way to start the week , with a day not going to work , because it's the May Day Bank Holiday.

I'll leave you with the excellent "Genesis" by Grimes, which I haven't heard for a while but when I first heard it, I went out and bought the album. Take a listen and enjoy my friends. Then for some reason on the same page, one of my favourite singers Peter Gabriel covering the song that got me into Tom Waits "In The Neighborhood" . I'm not sure if this is available on an album (it is here), but check it out and then check out the original (on "Swordfishtrombones")

Right , it's Sunday, the weather is beautiful, go out and enjoy yourself.

Thursday 6 October 2016

From Genesis To Eight #ALifeInNumbers #8

I always liked Genesis by Grimes, which led me to the song "Eight" which is perfect for this part of the sequence. An obvious one would have been The Beatles "Eight Days A Week" or David Bowie's "Eight Line Poem" (though Bowie has already appeared at number five) but I fancied the Baghdaddies "6/8 Song" but couldn't find a Youtube video of it, although it is somewhere in this concert here.

The Baghdaddies can often be seen busking or playing major festivals, I really haven't seen a band like them, sort of Klezmer but infectiously excellent.

Anyway "Eight" is a wispy ethereality  set on to of a threatening mechanical backing, the original is quite short but I fount this extended version that lasts all of three minutes. Grimes are definitely worth investigating and I'm glad to bring them into this.

Anyway this is a short post as I am quite tired after an intense day at work, then coming home and watching the finale of Wolf Creek and the "V For Vendetta" , that government is virtually here and I am finding it very worrying just dividing up the country between their corporate cronies.

Anyway less of that and more positivity, I love my friends and am looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and hope you are two. Sleep well my wonderful friends.