Sunday, 23 November 2008

I-POD Therefore I AM (a Pod Person)

I've never really liked Apple. Yes they're stylish , yes they're innovators (well good and nicking other people's ideas and selling absolutely idiotic ones). Apple products are easy to use use, do what they say on the box , but as soon as you step away from that box you're scuppered, as illustrated in this brilliant spoof:

I saw an advert recently on a bus , the prize offered was an I-POD. That's what it says in big letters and then in small letters it admits it's actually an i-Shuffle , and 1 in 100 CORRECT entries were guaranteed to win. Entry is £1.50 by Text. A 1 GB i-Shuffle costs less than £50 , you do the Maths, The kids in the ad look as though they couldnt even breathe withhout assistance!! Also the the with Apple is the Carrier is more important than the content , and it seems to me that is how most of it's target market act.

I hate the duo coloured i-Pod Ads , but theres been the odd decent spoof such as this Met Police one:

Don't we all feel like doing that!!

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