Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Grand Piano Never Stood A Chance!!!

Just back from a great weekend in London , the highlight of which was a visit to the legendary 100 Club to see a guy called Ben Waters , apparently well liked by Jools Holland. The guy is simply phenomenal , with a backing band of bass , drums and saxophone(s) the guty played incredible piano destroying , boogie woogie that I've not been aware of since the Killer himself. Aknowledging debts to the likes of Amos Milburn , Waters is simply a must see if you ever get the chance. Below is him doing various types of keyboard annihalation:

And here's the hilarious East German version of Johnny B Goode!!!

And Broken Piano Blues!!!

And the fabulous "Melting Pot"

Ben Waters on Myspace here

Ben Waters Website here

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