Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tesco World Domination A Possibility

Usually a new supermarket branch is well publicised, such as the Tesco Extra that appeared as part of the new Eldon Square redevelopment in Newcastle. This was fine although there are major Tescos in Gateshead and Kingston Park and well as Tesco Extras in Jestmond and on the Westgate Road.

Imagine my surprise when walking along Percy Street yesterday , when I noticed a new cash machine , and thought , ah that's useful. However this turned to major shock when I saw that it was attatched to a new Tesco Extra that had appeared in place of the Sony Shop!!

So now we have two Tesco Extras and a Sainsbury's Local in the centre of Newcastle .

This getting a little too close to the Demolition Man Taco Bell scenario or the the Time Trumpet scenario spoofed here: