Saturday, 2 April 2011

How Many Silver Shiny Things?

This week I've bought one or two CDs , I am a fan of music and always looking for new albums and decent compilations. This is what I bought that I can remember (only spent £50-£60):
  • Aerosmith - Pandora's Box - 4 CDs
  • Miles Davis & John Coltrane - The Complete Columbia Recordings - 6 CDs
  • The Great Scottish Songbook - 5 CDs
  • Steve Hackett - The Genesis Files - 2CDs
  • Glasvegas - Euphoric /// Heartbreak \\\ - 1 CD and 1 7" Orange single
  • Syd Barret - Introduduction , Jim Jones Revue - Burning Down Your House, Black Angels - Phosp[hene Dream, Ellie Goulding , Lissie and a few others 10 CDs
 I know people with CD collection smaller than what I bought this week , but there's still more that I want. Some of the packages could not be done justice by iTunes and the like , so I'm still a huge fan of the format. And this is a precursor to National Record Shop Day coming up in two weeks time .

Listening to Ellie Goulding now , very good - much better than here "Your Song" interpretation.

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