Sunday, 12 June 2011

Is This Progress? Take That Rip Off Fans .... Or Maybe Not ....

Tomorrow Take That release Progressed , a double CD of eight new songs from the Progress sessions plus the Progress album , which every Take That fan will already have. So you're paying for an album you already have , in order to get the "new" songs.

But take a step back . The album is available for less than ten quid , so eight tracks for ten quid is actually decent value for money , and you can give your copy of Progress away to a friend or whatever or drop it in to Music Magpie and get a quid or so back. You also have the option of downloading the tracks individually , though that will probably cost you around £8!!

Tickets for the gigs are around £50 so really the cost of Progressed is fine, in fact I reckon that fans have been treated more than fairly with Progressed!!

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