Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Kindle vs Paper - The Final Verdict

Sometime in the pastI wrote an article on the fact that CDs were the MacDonaldisation of music , a situation amplified by the rise of digital music and sampled ringtones . A lot of the initial arguments for CD was that they were robust and offered far higher quality that old scratchy vinyl. This paved the way for downloaded music , and one of the huge benefits has been that long deleted music could be made available as it did not need to pressed on a run of CDs that may never sell.

Project Gutenberg is a labour of love that has seen a lot of out of copyeight books stored in digital format , which anyone can download for free.

I actually see that paper and ebook readers will co exist. The Ape of Wrath states that  "The push to digital is inevitable." , which is true because we want what we want , now and in a convenient  format. Paul Campbell the scriptwriter has been encouraging me to get a Kindle, lauding the device and extolling it's benefits. They certainly save space!! And they remember where you were in your book , and you can have it now!!!

To Be Read.....
Paper is convenient , cheap , robust , doesnt need power but does need light!! . Just wondering how much "gentlemen's relish"  is available on the Kindle for "under the sheets" perusal.

I will buy a Kindle before Christmas , but I have a few books to read before then , things to do , and by the time I get one there will be a Super Kindle. But I am sold on the idea , but I still like paper very much.

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