Sunday, 29 April 2012

Heston Blumenthal - Artist

I detest almost all TV Celebrity cooks and chefs . They are usually self centred , self serving and annoying. However many years ago I saw another , who previously I had assumed would be annoying , doing a program which was "In Search of The Perfect Burger" . That guy was Heston Blumenthal . And he talked sense and was interesting.

Since then I have watched many of his programs and seen very few things I would want to eat , and less I could try to make. The programs are incredibly watchable and interesting often using liquid nitrogen , blow torches and dormice in his cooking , often making edible plates and cutlery . The guy is amazing and a true artist. He has his own restaurant the excellently named Fat Duck , and while I may eat there one day it would be with some trepidation.

So while I wont be eating I will be watching for a very long time.......

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