Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Not a very inspired title , but Cirencester is an extremely pleasant place.

The original reason for this blog was going to be a diary of places I'd visited , hence the Seven Days In name , but that soon went the distance. Also someone pointed out that in could be read as Seven Day Sin , which I believe was a raucous American combo!! 

It is posh because there are no betting shops , and unfortunately no record shops, and has it's infestation of Boots , WH Smiths , Subway etc. I didn't notice a McDonalds or KFC though !!

It has some excellent resturants and top end shopping, However my shopping was all done in Poundland , not a shop I frequent , but came out with some USB Data / Charging Cables and a Nine Black Alps CD. It is sad when you music has to come from Poundland!!

Cirencester Parish Church

Anyway Cirencester has a lot of impressive buiding including an unfeasibly high manicured hedge and an imposing parish church. It's easy to park and you can easily spend a day there.

Big Hedge in Cirencester
I also noticed an inordinate amount of charvers wearing trackie bottoms and backward peaked caps hanging around phone shops , Poundland and bus stops.

Don't let that put you off though , the place is full of charm and places to see , as well as eateries and watering holes!!

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