Wednesday, 3 October 2012

London and My iPad

Interesting , just realised that the iPad doesnt come with an inbuilt Office Suite. So I'm using the Note application to write this post. Hope I can cut and paste this lot once I've typed it.

It's a sad fact that I am getting used to London. Kings Cross is only five stops from Paddington and now I think that's nothing. It's not so long  that going from Kings Cross mainline to Kings Cross underground with luggage in tow was like a trip down the Amazon.

On the plus side stuff like the Science Showoffs night at the Wilmington Arms hosted by the excellent Simon Cross in Farringdon (six stops from Paddington) is educating me an the science of making cheese toasties,  swimming and the theory of the Quantum Car!

It's also amazing that the responsiveness of the iPad can be amazingly temperamental. Sometimes it is instant and sometimes it just ignores everything that you do.

Anyway I will now try to connect to the internet and post this. I  will put in links later unless I forget.

Oh apologies for the font. That came from the iPad application!

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