Friday, 30 November 2012

Decaf Americano with Soya Milk

Now I might be a bit po faced aout this but I heard this in the work Costa Coffee area and to me it's a bit like buying Kaliber lager. The reason you buy standard lagers is for the alcolic effect , the reason you buy coffee (especially an Americano which is BLACK and STRONG and NOT CONTAMINATED BY MILK)  is for a caffeine injection.

I understand soya milk , you may be vegan or have a dairy or lactose intolerance. There are lots of coffees you drink for the taste and there ar usually caffeine free versions of said coffees . Thry Whittards or Pumphreys and you will find them.

The same with lager, wine and beer , there are lots that actually do tasete good and are alcohol free.

The thing is if you ask for an Americano , it should be black and strong and you dont add milk.

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