Saturday, 29 December 2012

Bill Shankly

  'The trouble with referees is that they know the rules, but they don't know the game.' 

 Just reading the papers this morning and this thought came into my head reading about the problems that Brendan Rodgers is facing at Liverpool. We have had a brilliant book and film about Brian Clough in "The Damned United" , Clough portrayed excellently my Michael Sheen. One of the reasons for this , apart from Clough's track record in football , isthe things he said , his attitude , giving a veritable goldmine for journalists and scriptwriters alike.

Alex Ferguson , Pep Guardiola , Franz Beckenbauer wer all better and eventually more successful managers , but that's alls they were. Jose Mourinho is possibly the only modern manager who is on a par with Clough as a perfect media darling.

Which goes back to my original reason for writing this , why no film about Shankly? His quotes are legend and he took Liverpool from being a nothing club to a dominant force , a legacy the club still seem to be living off.  If  you want some quotes check here.

I think it would makegreat viewing for any fan of football , and barring the afformentioned Damend United what other films have there been about football that have actually been worth watching. I can't think of any. Shankly would be a worthy addition.