Sunday, 10 February 2013

Kitchen Armoury

Never really thought about before , but almost everything you have in the kitchen could be used as a lethal weapon. You have access to fires , gas , electricity , water , an explosive combination at the best of times.

Then pans and heavy roasting dishes would make effective heavy duty blunt instruments. Follow this up with meat skewers and something as innocent seeming as a cheese grater and potato peeler , in the wrong hands could do a lot of damage.

Then in the cutlery drawer you have knives and forks all of which would do your skin complexion no good whatsoever.

Oh yes then you can heat cooking oil and melt butter and spreads , which a remarkably efficient aid to skin removal.

This is before we hit the knife block and meat cleavers !! I'm just surprised that there arent an enormous number of cooking fatalities..

... and to think they let people like Gordon Ramsay in kitchens !!