Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Focusing On The Good - Don't Stop Believin'

I always to try to write posts with a positive spin , because always try to look for positives however bad the situation. It's the easiest thing in the world to find fault with things. I've known people who when they couldn't find fault would criticize a person for being "too perfect" , or who's measures consist of "not enough" or "too much" ensuring things can never meet their expectations.

The thing is life is what it is and is complicated beyond belief , but is easy and rewarding beyond belief if you look for the good and positives in situations. Take the two statements "Remember" and "Don't Forget"  , the first is a forceful positive one the second negative and implying that you may be at fault. They both mean the same thing but negative words can have negative effects.

If I just miss a bus I use the opportunity to walk to the next stop and in theory reduce my lardiness, I don't stress about it , and sometimes things like that open up new opportunities.

Sometimes in the world there are great tragedies, which the only positives I find that at such times people are willing to help those affected by the tragedies , restoring faith in humanity.

So today if something goes wrong in life learn from it , and take the opportunity to see if you can benefit from it. You may be surprised by the support and kindness of others and always take help if it's offered and it will benefit you , and if you can't take it then still engage with the offerer.

I don't know if this post has been positive , I didn't know what I was going to write about when I started it , but hope that someone enjoys it and finds some empathy.

And remember tomorrow is your change to improve on today. I chose the final scene in the Sopranos with Journey's  "Don't Stop Believin'" soundtrack because I love that scene so much , it's just perfect . Have a totally brilliant day - I know I will.

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