Monday, 26 August 2013

Birthdays and Bank Holidays

I can't remember so many birthdays coming in such a short period of time , starting with my sisters on Thursday and my friend Claire's today. On Saturday was at a surprise party for my friend Sheelagh's 60th which she was lured to under the pretext of Theresa (the fantastic organiser and host) had broken her ankle or something. I'm sure no one will mind me mentioning them in this context , and lets face it with the internet and Facebook , privacy is at a bit of a premium these days.

Yesterday was another great day at The Schooner with Big Ray and The Chestwigs (see here) and today we have a High Bridge Quarter Festival again , which will mean street food and great music.

It's amazing that although I've had a three day weekend , I haven't had a second to relax , and enjoying yourself is the best form of relaxation possible in reality and I've certainly enjoyed this weekend.

Started on Friday with a great night in The Stand , then Saturday's party , Sunday's gig as well as a stop off at the Stateside Diner for a five dollar shake. All in all a brilliant weekend and looking forward to an even more brilliant week even though I have to go to wok.

The video is Big Red and The Grinners covering Aerosmith at a previous High Bridge gathering

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