Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Another Morning

The days are getting lighter and yesterday we had sun and blue skies. We're still in February but March is here on Saturday when I start a week's holiday , not a moment too soon. I am looking forward to not doing my normal 11 to 12 hours away from home day thanks to the current work regime.

I am very happy to have been chosen as a World Book Night giver again and looking forward to that on 23rd of April. I have some ideas on how I will be giving away my 18 copies of Matt Haig's The Humans. I've ordered my own copy as I need to have it read by April 23rd , I like to be able to tell people about the book.

Just listening to Chris Hawkins on 6 Music and he's playing Royals by Lords,  then followed it by Blue Moon by Beck which at the time of writing is available as a free download (click on the link), but I'll include the Lords track. I was surprised to find that she hails from New Zealand. It never fails to amaze be how many great things emanate from the antipodes. Where would we be without them.

Anyway I need to get off now, so have a wonderful day.

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