Thursday, 3 April 2014

Strange Dream #69

We all have them. I can remember the tail end of this. I was playing in some kind of football competition , on a full size pitch. I don't know what it was for, I think there had been games involving teams before but "things" had happenend.

This game was one against one against a guy who looked like an eastern European terrorist , moustache and close cropped hair. He took a long shot which I easily saved, but the ball was an odd shape half way between a football and a rugby ball, The guy comes and starts kicking me (a la Daryl's treatment in the last episode of the Walking Dead). I open my eyes surrounded by industrial electric cables, on a wet pitch and the villain is about tho switch on.

I get up and run towards the opposing goal dribbling the ball, but this time he tries to put me off with a flash camera. I'm distracted and vision is affected but still score, end of dream.

Weird or what?

Radiohead's "Nice Dream" came to mind and it's from The Bends which is a wonderful album.

Anyway we are still very foggy here but thanks to British Summer Time it's nice to come home in the light. It's also Thursday which is a day closer to the weekend. So wherever you are in the world, have a brilliant day, be positive, and get ready for a great weekend.

Oh and this is my 69th post this year , just saying ... smiles.

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