Saturday 5 April 2014

Time To Yourself, Folk Coincidence and Three Ways to Spell Angie

This weekend I am thoroughly relaxing, not pressured to do a thing. This means no shopping , no planning , just doing what I want when I want, and it's certainly done me good today. I am lucky I can actually do that, because it gives you the change to recharge, think good thoughts and just feel good about life an everything.

Two great friends got married today, I wished them well, but didn't go because I know they would have a lot of friends there adn I know they had a fantastic day.

I had my own fantastic day, just being able to relax, and decide how I'm going to spend this week.

Ralph McTell - Spiral Staircase
Fore some reason the song "Spiral Staircase" had being going through my head. It#s my favourite Ralph McTell song, though I was always struck by the album's beautiful cover. Yesterday I decided to try out a Google Chromecast so ordered one using Amazon Prime and it turned up today. It seemed a bit temperamental setting up , and my iPad refuses to acknowledge it's existence but my Samsung Note is fine with it, but I tried a Youtube video which was fine, then a BBC iPlayer program about Bert Jansch and the first performer was Ralph McTell playing Davy Graham's Angie (or Anji or Angi as it's sometimes listed), which once you can play that you can play guitar. I can't play it by the way.

Anyway that's another coincidence, but it has been a great relaxing day, and I hope your day has been good too.

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