Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Well I hope all the mums out there have had a brilliant day and been treated and pampered by their children. Lots of my friends are mums and it seems a lot have been spending the day doing housework and like.

It's quite amusing that the image was uploading was in jfif format so it said , and the blogger wouldn't upload it, so I just renamed it and it happily uploaded the file, so it seems like it's just the naming convention that stops it from being uploaded.

Weatherwise we have had grey skies , blue skies , sunshine , hailstorms and monsoon like rain , all in the same day. I was out without an umbrella but managed to dodge the showers by just waiting for the next five minute spell of sunshine  So anyway this is just a very short post and I'm sure you have all got your Mother's Day Presents, so have a fantastic rest of the day every one. There's only one song I can think of for this post originally by Crowded House , but this version performed by Neil Finn and Paul Kelly.

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