Sunday, 30 November 2014


Well it's the last day of the month so cue the Christmas songs and curmudgeons although it seems to have been going on for months.

Really we should embrace the original spirit of Christmas, caring for others, giving to make others happy (and hoping others return the favour) , throughout the year. I always try to but am sometimes exasperated by the concentration on money and material possessions and one upmanship you see in people.

When I can I do help others, and when you help others that makes you feel good so it's not all one sided. My help never leaves me short, so that I try to always be in a position to be there for others, sometimes in the smallest of ways. It may only be a word of encouragement, or and endorsement that someone is on the right path.

It's Still November!!
It's not about religion it's about carrying out your moral obligations and if you do then you will get an enormous lift from. There's a lot of new age stuff about wishing for good things and they'll come your way, though I see it as maintaining a positive attitude and doing things that will eventually come back on you with some form of recompense.

Anyway this is getting all philosophical, and you know I'm not that savvy to write about things like that so I need to find and picture and a video for this post which is Govinda by Kula Shaker just because it sounds a bit like Govember, although if you are in Australia it is already December so you can start to feel Christmassy!

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