Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Greatest Feeling

One of my friends posted this picture the other day and at first I thought that's not very nice, although it is funny, and in that situation that exactly what you need. Social Media allows us to interact with so many people, offend people, and also make people smile as well. I much prefer making people smile and a laugh.

Then this morning I saw this great animated video which lots of people like, is not offensive and just makes you happy. Some friends were unable to see this so I found it on Youtube, I hope it's visible now

Really the greatest feeling is different depending on the moment. I love it hearing from friends , even just a line by whatever method is available.  A few weeks back I had lunch with Juliet , Kirsty , Fiona and Mark at that was just great everyone talking to each other, being positive and enjoying each others good feelings.

Sometimes it might be writing, sometimes it's hearing a song you'd forgotten about, having a meal in a great restaurant like the Black Lion in Thirsk yesterday, there's lots of things that can be the best feeling ever, it's just whatever feels perfect in the moment.

We're into December know with the run up to Christmas, and yes I'm still on holiday and relaxing and resting. I hope your week is going well and you are having a good time, don't work too hard and do everything you can to feel good.

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